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Synopsis for "Good-Bye!"

With Crystal and Ms. Marvel selected as their successors in the Fantastic Four, Reed and Sue are preparing to leave with their son Franklin to spend some time away from the group. As rounds of goodbyes are being made, Crystal is looking forward to this time away from the moon and her estranged husband, while Ms. Marvel worries that she will not live up to the reputation that the Fantastic Four has created for themselves. Meanwhile, Sue pulls Johnny aside to tell him that she is proud of her little brother, and asks him to watch out for both Crystal and Ms. Marvel. As everyone is saying goodbye, Franklin chimes in telling Ben that he doesn't have to be upset over Johnny marrying Alicia anymore, since he and Sharon can now be in love. This causes an awkward moment among the tightly wound group. As Reed begins to leave, Ben assures Reed that he will do him proud as the new leader of the Fantastic Four, but tells Reed that if he's going to run the team, it has to be 100% and doesn't want to have Reed called in whenever there is trouble. After Reed, Sue and Franklin leave, Crystal is excited to get back into a Fantastic Four uniform. Sharon however doesn't feel as though she has the right to wear one yet, until she has proven herself. As Ben tries to assure Sharon she has what it takes, Johnny decides to take his leave, and heads to the newly purchased apartment he and Alicia got together.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Diablo has been put in traction after his battle with the Fantastic Four, which left him seriously injured after being pummeled by Ms. Marvel. With fourteen broken bones, and a ruptured spleen the doctors and police leave the ancient alchemist to rest. Feigning sleep, Diablo waits until his room is empty before he sucks on the chemicals soaked into his mustache which instantly heal all his injuries. As he pulls off his bandages, Diablo recalls how he learned alchemy in the 9th century and eventually moved from his native Spain to Transylvania, where he ruled a small town until the peasants imprisoned him in the year 1864. He recalled how he freed himself in modern times by tricking the Fantastic Four's Thing into freeing him from his centuries long prison. With his recollection complete, Diablo then begins to search for his costume and other chemicals so he can get his revenge.

Back at the Storm residence, Alicia accidentally stumbles into and breaks a glass table she forgot was in her path. Johnny assures her it's not a problem and uses his flame powers to repair the damage. Suddenly the furniture begins transforming into strange creatures which Johnny destroys with his flame powers. Looking out the window he sees the entire street turning into concrete vines and causing chaos for commuters. He then rushes Alicia to the Four Freedoms Plaza for safety. There he reconnoiters with his new team as they prepare to deal with this new threat.

Elsewhere, Reed and Sue have taken Franklin aboard a train to their new home in Stamford, Connecticut. Along the way Reed hears a radio broadcast about the danger in New York. Concerned about the Fantastic Four, Reed -- despite Sue's protests -- asks Franklin to send his dream-self to New York to check in on things for him. He appears in the city just as the new Fantastic Four appear in front of the hospital where Diablo was being held, which has been transformed into a medieval castle. When Franklin reports this back to his father, Reed is about to go back to the city to lend a hand when Sue reminds him that he promised to let Ben do things his own way, Reed grudgingly agrees with his wife.

Back in New York, Ben and his new team break into the castle, while Johnny and Crystal fly ahead, Ben and Sharon battle the various defenses put in place such as massive stone boulders and a rubber creature. Sharon feels exhilarated being able to cut out at her full strength to vent her anger and frustration. While inside, Johnny and Crystal are attacked by the various medical machinery brought to life by Diablo. As the two bicker with each other, they destroy the various machines attacking them. Finally, Crystal cuts to the point and tells Johnny that she has no intentions of destroying his marriage. When the two come to terms with the situation, Ben and Sharon arrive on the scene and they are soon joined by Diablo. Although Diablo initially holds the heroes at bay, he begins losing ground. Attempting to reach into his mustache for strength enhancing formula, he is suddenly ambushed by Ms. Marvel once again, who restrains him before he can cause any harm.

With Diablo turned over to the authorities, the new Fantastic Four return to their headquarters where Ben commends them on a job well done, and already the group is starting to mesh together even after a rough start. Watching this is Franklin, who has sent his dream form out one last time. He returns to his parents in Stamford, where he informs them that the Fantastic Four have succeeded in their first mission together. Satisfied that they have left the team in good hands, Reed and Sue take their son ahead toward this new chapter in their lives.


Continuity Notes

  • Franklin, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben were all last seen in Power Pack #34
  • Reed and Sue are departing this issue after Reed's decision that he and his wife should leave the team to spend more time with Franklin. Reed came to this conclusion in Fantastic Four #304.
  • Sue mentions Johnny having recently married "Alicia Masters", this happened in Fantastic Four #300.
  • Throughout this issue the tensions between Ben, Johnny, Crystal and "Alicia" are frequently mentioned or hinted at. For those paying attention at home, these are the facts:
    • Ben and the real Alicia Masters dated for a long time, since Fantastic Four #9.
    • Meanwhile, Johnny and Crystal dated between Fantastic Four #65105 until the outside world's pollution forced her to return home to Attilan.
    • Crystal ended up rescuing Quicksilver along the way and the two fell in love as seen in Fantastic Four #131132. Crystal and Quicksilver later got married in Fantastic Four #150. Johnny had a series of failed relationships while Ben and Alicia remained together over the years.
    • In Fantastic Four #245 Reed had realized that Ben could change back and forth between his human and Thing forms at will, but his belief that Alicia only loved him as the Thing subconsciously prevented Ben from doing so. Reed kept this a secret.
    • When most of the Fantastic Four were among those kidnapped by the Beyonder to battle in the first Secret Wars on Battleworld, Ben discovered he could change back and forth and believed it was because of Battleworld itself. He decided to stay there in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #12.
    • Ben remained on Battleworld between Thing #1122 where he eventually lost his ability to change back into Ben Grimm and returned to Earth.
    • Unknown to all at this time, Alicia was replaced by Lyja, a Skrull spy. This was revealed in Fantastic Four #358 and occurred during the events of Fantastic Four #265. Because the Thing was absent from the Fantastic Four at the time, "Alicia" pursued a relationship with the Torch in order to maintain a close connection to the Fantastic Four.
    • When Ben returned from Battleworld in Fantastic Four #277 he discovered that Johnny was now in a relationship with "Alicia."
    • In Thing #23 the truth of what Reed had known came out and the Thing quit the Fantastic Four.
    • Ben ended up joining the Mole Man's society Fantastic Four #296, where he still held a grudge against Reed and the Fantastic Four for everything that happened to him. Despite this he grudgingly rejoined the team when they later came looking for him.
    • Johnny recently married "Alicia" in Fantastic Four #300
    • Meanwhile, Crystal had and affair with Norm Webster and was eventually caught during the events ofVision and the Scarlet Witch (Vol. 2) #6 through 12.
    • In Fantastic Four #303 Ben realized that he still loved Alicia Masters.
    • Reed elected Ben to replace him as leader of the Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four #304.
    • Ben then asked Crystal to join the Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four #305.
    • Johnny went so far as to accuse Crystal of trying to break up his marriage in Fantastic Four Annual #20.
  • Diablo glosses over his origins which are expanded upon in Fantastic Four (Vol. 3) #3435, and Alpha Flight #21. This story states that the locals of Transylvania imprisoned him in 1864, while Alpha Flight Vol 1 21 states it happened in 1875. Diablo also recalls how he manipulated the Thing into freeing him back in Fantastic Four #30
  • In this issue Reed and Sue move to Stamford, Connecticut. Here they continue to live until they rejoin the Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four #326.

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