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Quote1 This one may legitimately call herself a mistress of the martial arts... Quote2

Appearing in "Orphan of the Storm!"

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  • Kang's Energi-Tube


Synopsis for "Orphan of the Storm!"

The Fantastic Four wander the streets of New York City and help Mantis defeat some possessed parking meters. defend Mantis against an attack by Kang. Mantis decides to tag up with the Fantastic Four and they continue walking.

Aron the Watcher observes the Fantastic Four from the Empire State Building and prepares for his next action. Kang also watches the Fantastic Four and decides that the Inferno is the perfect time to take his revenge on Mantis, the Celestial Madonna, by kidnapping her. attempts to awaken the Dreaming Celestial. Kang leaves behind a bomb, which the Thing throws into space.

From Kang's mention about the Celestials, Thing suspects Kang might have taken Mantis to Mount Diablo. As the Human Torch is having trouble flaming off, he flies outside the Fantasti-Car. Meanwhile the spectral form of a man follows the Torch.

Surprising Kang, the Fantastic Four attack his ship and Thing throws Kang's ship. Kang activates a suction device to capture Ms. Marvel, but the Torch saves her with a fire burst. The Torch finds he can not control his flame and flares up until it explodes. As Thing and Ms. Marvel run to save their friend, Kang discovers that Mantis has mysteriously disappeared from her cell.


Continuity Notes[]

  • Mantis recalls how her son was taken from her by the Cotati a short time after his birth. This was first referenced in Silver Surfer (Vol. 3) #4.
  • Following their appearances here, Aron and Dragon Man appear again in Fantastic Four #327 where they continue their plans to collect the Fantastic Four's DNA.
  • Kang's appearance here is marred in some temporal confusion that is not fully explained here. The details:
    • As revealed in Avengers #267269 every time Kang traveled through time he created a divergent version of himself. During these issues the "Prime" Kang began culling his counterparts until only he existed. He was later driven mad by his future self Immortus and sent out into temporal Limbo.
    • As revealed in Avengers: Forever #9 Kang killed himself which triggered a device that transferred his mind into a new body in his native 40th Century and left a divergent self behind in the past.
    • During the time of this story, there are two version of Kangs active in the modern era. The Kang featured in this story was later identified as the "Prime" Kang in Avengers Annual #21 (The one who was revived in the future as stated in Avengers: Forever #9). The other is a spectral shade seen in Avengers #300, this is one of the last remaining temporal Kangs that was a member of the Council of Cross-Time Kangs seen in Avengers #291297 who was later seemingly lost in the Time Bubble.
  • Kang mentions wanting to get revenge against Mantis. This is because when she foiled his plans to kidnap her after being named the Celestial Madonna and be the father of the Celestial Messiah that she was destined to birth. This plot was foiled by the Avengers, and his future selves Rama-Tut and Immortus in Avengers #129135 and Giant-Size Avengers #24.
  • Kang also mentions the Time-Bubble which was seen in Avengers #296297. Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four designates the future where the Time Bubble exists as Earth-8810. In this story Kang states that the Time Bubble exists between the years 2005 and 2020. Per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616 this should be considered a topical reference. As the Sliding Timescale moves forward, then the dates that the Time Bubble exists should change and should be generalized in the context of this story. The Time Bubble exists 17 years in the future relative to this story [1]. This story was published in 1988, thus 17 years from that perspective is the year 2005. 1988 falls under "Year Seven" of Marvel time. Per the rules of the Sliding Timescale, new comics are considered to have been published 2016 are part of "Year Fourteen". New comics are also considered as happening "today". That said, in the year 2016 this story took place in 2007 per the Sliding Timescale. Based on that calculation the Time Bubble would exist 17 years from 2007 in the year 2024. When Marvel time rolls over into "Year Fifteen" in 2018, this story would have taken place in 2010 and the Time Bubble will in turn exist in the year 2027.
  • Kang mentions when he last battled the Human Torch and the Thing when they foiled his attempts to conquer 6th Century Camelot in Strange Tales #134.

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  1. The year of publication was 1988 - 2005 = 17 years