Quote1.png Death to Sub-Mariner!! Only Attuma will wear the crown of Atlantis!! Quote2.png
-- Attuma

Appearing in "Side-By-Side with Sub-Mariner!"

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  • Bathysphere

Synopsis for "Side-By-Side with Sub-Mariner!"

Reed Richards examines a massive sea creature which has washed ashore. Suspecting that it may have come from Namor's domain, he dispatches the Human Torch to check along the shoreline for any signs of danger. Torch spots an Atlantean woman rising out of the water and takes her back to the Baxter Building. Sue recognizes her as Lady Dorma, Namor's beloved. She explains that she has come to seek the Fantastic Four's aid, as Atlantis has been attacked by the barbarian hordes of Attuma, a fierce warrior who believes he is destined to rule Atlantis. She admits that she blames herself for Attuma's advantage in battle.

When Dorma expressed her fears of Namor being harmed in battle, he dismissed her. Heartbroken, Dorma then showed Attuma and his minions a way to get past Namor's defenses. Regretting her decision, Dorma rushed to the surface to seek out allies to help stop the invasion, as the surface world would be at risk next.

The Fantastic Four agree to help and with his Oxy-Spray, Reed makes it possible for his teammates to breath underwater for hours at a time. The spray is so potent that Johnny can even use his flame powers underwater.

As soon as they approach Atlantis in their submarine, the Fantastic Four are attacked by Attuma's hordes and are forced to abandon ship. They battle their way through the soldiers and weapons. Meanwhile, in the kingdom, Namor and his forces fight back against the invaders. When the Fantastic Four arrive, Reed cautions his team to remain hidden, as Namor may also view them as his enemies. Sue uses her invisibility powers to destroy a subsonic weapon. As Namor and Attuma battle, the Fantastic Four secretly keep Attuma's minions from interrupting but eventually, the Oxy-Spray begins to wear off. After Namor destroys Attuma's sword, Attuma surprises him by revealing hidden disintigrator rays. But the Sub-Mariner is given an upper hand in the battle when Sue secretly turns him invisible. Namor subdues Attuma as the Oxy-Spray fully wears off, forcing the Fantastic Four to flee to the surface before Namor can learn how they helped him.

In the aftermath of the battle, Attuma is banished from Atlantis. Later Namor reveals that he knows that Dorma betrayed him, but that he forgives her out of love. Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four are stuck using Reed as a buoy at sea, as they left their submarine below the water. On the way home, Sue calls Reed darling, making him wonder if she has finally forgotten about her feelings for the Sub-Mariner.



Continuity Notes

  • Namor's people had mostly abandoned him in Fantastic Four Annual #1, but they are suddenly back under his rule in this story. Saga of the Sub-Mariner #9 explains that the Atlantean people returned to their king because they came to believe that they judged him too harshly.

Publication Notes


  • The cover image of the Sub-Mariner is a classic Kirby rendition. This image will be used for decades in marketing both the character and the company.

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