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Sharon Ventura

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Synopsis for "Chaos in the Courtroom"

The trial against the Human Torch has been interrupted by an attack from Paibok, Devos, Klaw and Huntara. When the opening shots are fired, Johnny pushes his lawyer Matt Murdock to the ground to protect him, while his teammates in the Fantastic Four and his former wife Lyja faces off against their foes. Seeing his friends in trouble, Johnny is about to flame on, but is stopped by Murdock, who warns Johnny that using his powers now could harm his case. Realizing that the lawyer is right, Johnny turns to tell him so but notices that the blind lawyer has slipped away. Murdock has slipped into a back room where he can secretly change into Daredevil and assist in the battle. As spectators flee from the court room, Daily Bugle owner J. Jonah Jameson stresses over not being given priority to exit so he can report his story. Just as he begins to wonder where his photographer Peter Parker may have disappeared to, Jameson is upset to see his nemesis Spider-Man has also joined the fight as well. Also witnessing Spider-Man's arrival is his former foe Sandman, who asks his employer Silver Sable if they can join the fight, as he owes a debt to the Fantastic Four's Ben Grimm. Sable, unaccustomed to fighting for free, agrees to join the fight, just this once.

As the battle rages on, Lyja attempts to incapacitate Klaw by firing a laser blast through his chest, however the seemingly mortal wound has no effect on one who is comprised of living sound. Meanwhile, Devos is battling it out with the Thing, striking his metal mask to cause further damage to the wounds they conceal underneath. The Thing is staggered by these blows and is on the ropes when suddenly the Sandman and Silver Sable intervene, allowing Ben to significantly recover and rejoin the fight. Paibok then begins focusing his attentions o Lyja, determined to kill her for betraying him. His attempts are interrupted by Spider-Man, causing Paibok to begins blasting wildly. One of these blasts causes a portion of the ceiling to come falling down over Bridget O'Neil, the young woman whom Johnny knows from Empire State University to testify on his behalf. Johnny pulls her to safety, and Bridgett thanks him for saving her life a second time. Seeing this, Lyja becomes instantly jealous and wonders who this O'Neil woman is to her ex-husband.

While outside, Huntara battles Mister Fantastic, when Daredevil intervenes, but the blind hero finds that this new warrior is just as agile as he is. At that moment, Klaw has created some sound constructs of a massive gorilla and an elephant to terrorize people on the streets. The Invisible Woman uses her powers to protect the people, but still recovering from her battle with Doctor Doom, the strain on Sue's mind is almost unbearable. Noticing his wife in distress, Reed comes to her aid, leaving him open to being impaled by Huntara's Psionic Scythe. Sue sends her husband's attacker fleeing by firing some invisible force daggers. With his radar sense, Daredevil detects that Richards needs some serious medical attention but he is pulled away form this concern when he senses Devos hovering over the street. Devos declares the entire human race a threat to galactic peace and decides to kill everyone on site and begins wildly blasting into the crowd. Sue manages to defend people with her invisible force field, but the strain soon becomes too much and she passes out. Seeing his sister fall in battle, Johnny decides he has been standing on the sidelines too long and flames on.

Meanwhile, at the Four Freedoms Plaza, both Ms. Marvel and the teenaged Franklin Richards are passing time by going through a training session. During the discussion Sharon mentions how they are both outsiders, herself in particular after she betrayed the Fantastic Four to Doctor Doom. When she says that issue is a moot point now that Doom is dead, Franklin lets slip that Doom is still alive. Remembering that Franklin has seen the future, she begins asking him about her future and if she and Ben get back together or if he eventually chooses Alicia Masters over her. When Franklin refuses to say, Sharon believes that she sees the answer in his eyes and storms out of the Fantastic Four's headquarters in tears. Down in the streets, a heartbroken Sharon Ventura tries to come to the terms with the fact that she has ruined her relationship when suddenly two minions of Doctor Doom ambush her and knock her out with a gas grenade.

At Avengers Mansion, Earth's Mightiest Heroes become aware of the battle raging outside the court house and decide to lend their strength to help the Fantastic Four and the others heroes as well. Back at the battle, Johnny sees Lyja in the clutches of Paibok, and pulls her to safety only to be downed by Klaw. The Thing tries to battle Devos alone, despite Sandman's warnings to wait, and is blasted aside as well. As the villains begin to gloat over their progress, they are suddenly ambushed by the arriving Avengers. Realizing they are now outnumbered, Huntara suggests that they retreat. Using the scythe, she cuts open a portal in open space which the villains all flee into. Not willing to let their foes escape, Daredevil jumps in after them, only to find himself in an other dimensional void. He is quickly pulled back by one of Spider-Man's webs before the portal can close. With the battle now over, the heroes recover from the attack, but the Thing is less than happy about its results. Sometime later, Ben is walking alone through the streets of New York, having blown off an outing with Sandman due to his concerns about how the Fantastic Four performed that day. With Sue seeing double, and Reed still in the hospital, Ben has come to realize the team is not in such great shape anymore. As he wonders if he should call it quits, Ben is suddenly called out to by someone in an alley. Barely recognizing that voice as Sharon's, Ben goes to her side and is horrified to see that she has been mutated into a form even more grotesque than her old She-Thing form.


Continuity Notes

  • The Sandman says he "owes it" to Ben Grimm: The Sandman started his super-powered career as a criminal back in Amazing Spider-Man #4. He started becoming a regular Fantastic Four foe when he joined the Frightful Four in Fantastic Four #36. Years later, the Sandman went through a traumatic experience when he and Hydro Man were merged into the horrific Mud-Thing in Amazing Spider-Man #217218. The two finally managed to separate themselves Marvel Two-In-One #86. The Sandman bumped into the Thing shortly thereafter and Ben convinced the Sandman to go straight. The two soon formed a friendship.
  • Bridget mentions that Johnny "saved her again", Johnny previously saved her life in Fantastic Four #371.
  • Sue strains with her ability to use her invisible forcefields, she was injured battling Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four #375 putting a limitation onto Sue's abilities.
  • Some facts about Sharon's mutated form here:
    • Sharon was originally mutated into a She-Thing when she was exposed to cosmic rays in Fantastic Four #310.
    • She was later cured by Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four #350.
    • In exchange, Doom had Sharon spy on the FF, which she did from Fantastic Four #365 until she was exposed in Fantastic Four #375.
    • Doom's minions have mutated her again at the end of this story in retaliation for her betraying Doom for the Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four #375.

Continuity Errors

  • Dane Whitman's pupils are colored as having white rectus muscles and brown corneas. This is an error as this story happens after the events of Avengers #361 wherein Dane becomes Sersi's Gann Josin, which turned his corneas red and his rectus muscles black.

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