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Quote1.png It's hard to believe we really defeated them! And yet... once the blast occurs... they're finished! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Defeated by the Frightful Four!"

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Synopsis for "Defeated by the Frightful Four!"

Reed, Ben and Johnny are busy looking over enlarged photographs of the Skrull galaxy for research when suddenly they are interrupted by Sue who playfully reminds them that there are wedding plans to go over. Although she is invisible to the eye, they manage to grab her and make her give up with her pranking. With the merriment over, Johnny decides to head off to go on a date with his girlfriend Doris Evans. As he flies away from the Baxter Building he just misses the Wizard who is passing by. Their foe then goes to land at the secluded cabin where the Frightful Four are hiding out. There he is attacked by the Sandman, but is repelled by the Wizard's anti-gravity devices. Paste-Pot Pete -- having now renamed himself the Trapster -- lunges in to test out his new paste-based traps. After they succeed in subduing the Wizard, he shows his supremacy by throwing the Frightful Four around with his anti-gravity weapons.

Soon their launch their next plot against the Fantastic Four, it begins with Medusa confronting the Invisible Girl while she is out picking dress designs for her wedding. Caught off guard, Sue is easily captured and the news of her kidnapping quickly spreads. When the Thing learns what happened he rushes back to the Baxter Building to tell Reed and Johnny what he has learned only to find that Reed is already busy trying to track the Frightful Four down.

Meanwhile, the Frightful Four have landed their ship on a former nuclear testing site on an atoll in the South Pacific. There the Wizard shows his comrades and prisoner his greatest invention yet, the Q-Bomb, which he intends to use against the Fantastic Four. Back at the Baxter Building the FF are desperately trying to locate Sue when suddenly their radars pick up a ship flying their way. They attack it, but only succeed in getting Johnny captured by the Frightful Four as well. As their foes flee, Reed and Ben follow after them in the Pogo Plane.

The Fantastic Four are caught off guard when they land on the atoll and their enemies attack. Although they soon start getting the upper hand, the Frightful Four flee leaving the heroes to go and rescue Sue. However with the Pogo Plane having been destroyed in the fight, they have no way off the island. As the Frightful Four speed away, the Wizard sets the bomb to explode. Unknown to him the Fantastic Four are thrown clear from the atomic blast thanks to a force field put around them by Sue. Knocked unconscious by the blast the Four are lost at sea as the Thing slowly begins to revert back to human form.


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Events occur behind the scenes in this story that affect the continuity of the following characters:

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  • This story represents the first time that the Fantastic Four are defeated at the end of an issue.

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