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Synopsis for "Terror Is Tomorrow!"

In Brazil the Thing has been placed under the device discovered at the temple of the sun demons in order to heal him of his wounds sustained fighting an army of men transformed into things. The Fantastic Four, Sub-Mariner, Kristoff Vernard and Professor Robeson watch in awe as Ben is not only healed, but restored to human form. Ben is happy to discover this, but when he looks in the mirror he sees that the device did not heal the scars on his face. Losing his temper, Ben smashes the mirror he is looking in anger, furious that his new found humanity has a catch to it. However Sue calms him down by telling him that they will seek a plastic surgeon to see what they can do to restore his face. Ben's tantrum however uncovered more hieroglyphics. Examining them Professor Robeson informs Ben that the transformations are only temporary. Ben is about to lose his temper when Kristoff points out that they can load the device into the Stealth-Hawk and set it up at the Four Freedoms Plaza so Ben can use it whenever he likes. When this is met with protests from the Professor, Ben points out that the device creates monsters and is a threat, so it is safest with the Fantastic Four. Although all are in agreement, Sue couldn't help but notice that Ben became more volatile after being exposed to the rays.

Back at the Four Freedoms Plaza, the man who has been posing as Boris has dropped his cover and is now trying to kill Scott Lang before he can alert the others. Scott has been fleeing to the lab and seals himself inside. There he finds the new Ant-Man armor that Kristoff has been making for him. While he puts the armor on, "Boris" decides to seal Ant-Man inside by welding the door shut with his ray gun. While back in Brazil, the Fantastic Four are returning home in the Stealth-Hawk where Ben is losing his temper because Scott is not answering their calls. Lyja and Kristoff offer that Lang is probably spending time with his daughter Cassie. Lyja notes that Kristoff appears to have a crush on Cassie, and it causes her to think about her ex-husband Johnny. Meanwhile, Namor attempts to convince Sue that they deserve to be together after the apparent death of her husband and the loss of his kingdom. Sue denies him, telling Namor that she needs more time to grieve the loss of Reed. The Sub-Mariner respects Sue's wishes and tells her that he can wait. However Sue is left to wonder if she should still be waiting so long after Reed's demise.

Meanwhile, back at the Four Freedoms Plaza, "Boris" reports back to his master that the Fantastic Four are on their way back unaware that Ant-Man is spying on him through the ventilation shaft. He ambushes "Boris" from behind, but Boris is ready for this. Suddenly Conan the Barbarian appears out of nowhere and tries to kill the diminutive Ant-Man with his sword, he is also joined by the Iron Man of the year 2020 who tries to blast Ant-Man as well. By this point "Boris" has decided to drop his disguise, revealing himself to be the time traveler known as Zarrko the Tomorrow Man. Ant-Man manages to trip up his two attackers and they vanish, but are quickly replaced by the original Green Goblin. Zarrko gloats over his impending victory unaware that his presence has set off a device. It sets off an alert in Castle Doom in Latveria, where Nathaniel Richards has been operating since the apparent demise of Doctor Doom. When the alarm goes off, Nathaniel fears that what he has come to prevent is about to come to pass.

When the rest of the Fantastic Four return home, they are suddenly attacked by more time displaced super-humans: The Red Raven, Bucky, Toro, the Once and Future Thor, the Melter, Snowbird, and the original Union Jack. While they defend themselves, Ben reverts back to his Thing form to lend a hand in the battle. While not far away, Ant-Man continues to fight for his life against Omega the Unknown as Zarrko continues to gloat. Meanwhile the heroes in the other room have to face off against the Rawhide Kid, the original Black Knight, the original Blizzard, Blackout, Skurge the Executioner. Back in the lab, Ant-Man narrowly dodges the Whizzer and manages to snag Zarrko's time control device attached to his belt. With the device disabled it returns all the attackers to their proper era. Before Zarrko and get it back, Ben comes crashing through the wall and apprehends him. With the battle over, Sue tells Scott that she sent Lyja to free Cassie. Before Scott can doff his costume and preserve his double identity, Cassie enters the room. She instantly recognizes him and Scott is surprised to learn that his daughter has known about his double identity all along. Having been defeated, Zarrko offers to give the heroes information regarding the fate of Mister Fantastic and Doctor Doom in exchange for his freedom. This comes as a shock to Sue, but before Zarrko can say anymore he is seemingly incinerated by a blast of energy, leaving behind only ash. However Kristoff was scanning the room and tells the others that it was a time beam that took Zarrko away, and more importantly -- he can track it to its source.


Continuity Notes

  • Kristoff mentions he has the scientific knowledge of Doctor Doom. Kristoff was granted this knowledge when Doom's mind was imprinted on his own back in Fantastic Four #278.
  • Although this story begins to set up a plot line involving the morphogenetic device and its effects on Ben's mind, this premise is quickly dropped when Ben sacrifices the device to help Mister Fantastic build a device to combat Onslaught in Fantastic Four #416.
  • The tension between Namor and Sue is because there is a long history here: Namor was constant competition for Sue's affections since the Torch revived him in Fantastic Four #4. Sue eventually decided on Reed over Namor following the events of Fantastic Four Annual #1 (as explained in Fantastic Four: The Wedding Special #1) and Namor eventually moved on when Reed and Sue were married in Fantastic Four Annual #3. When Reed and Sue were briefly separated in Fantastic Four #130, Namor appeared to take advantage of that in Fantastic Four #147. Although Sue was driven by her past emotions for Namor, the Sub-Mariner was actually willfully involved in an attempt to bring Sue and Reed back together as seen in Fantastic Four #149. She also chastises Namor for taking advantage of her grief following the "death" of her husband. Namor started hanging around the Fantastic Four after learning of Reed's death in Fantastic Four #385.

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