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Synopsis for "Settling the Score With the Sub-Mariner!"

Sue has collapsed after their mission to recover Black Bolt of the Inhumans, prompting the Fantastic Four to call her medical attention as soon as they arrive at their headquarters the Four Freedoms Plaza. When the doc arrives, Johnny explains to Lyja that Sue pushed herself too hard trying to keep back Hoover Dam with her powers after it was compromised in their battle. This prompts Reed to scold his father for pushing Sue to tap into hyperspace to boost her powers, warning him that they have no concept of the danger that come from the result of doing so. While elsewhere at the medical bay, Scott Lang is placing Black Bolt into a stasis-med chamber until Reed can work on fixing his damaged tuning fork. When Reed finally comes the Inhumans are anxious to get their leader back in the proper health, but they are interrupted by Namor who demands to know how Susan is doing. When Reed assures her that the doctor is looking after her needs, Namor storms out to be by her side. At that moment, Ben is walking through the halls thinking about how much he can't stop thinking of Lyja. He stumbles upon the woman trying to talk to her ex-husband, but Johnny has no time to talk as he has a car rally to attend and takes off. Ben then makes his presence known and tells her that he has a shoulder to cry on if she needs it. Lyja thanks him, but assures him that she'll be fine, but confides in him that its horrible to be in love with someone who doesn't even realize you're alive.

At that moment, Namor comes in on Sue just as she is waking up and he confesses that he still loves her. When she reminds him that she is married to Reed, Namor tells her to leave him as he is weak and deserves better. Reed is passing by and overhears this and walks in on Namor trying to force Sue to leave with him. Reed then tells the Sub-Mariner to step away from his wife. When Namor balks at this command, Reed attacks him, sending Namor smashing outside of the Four Freedoms. Sue tries to tell Reed that Namor isn't thinking straight since losing his kingdom, but Reed jumps out the window. Sue tries to stop him but it is too late. She then collapses to the ground in tears after failing to tell her husband that she loves him, and only him. Down on the streets, Namor and Reed begin fighting it out over Sue. While back inside the building, Ben exposes himself to the machine that changes him back to human form. Once it's complete he hears the others crying for him to come and help. As Reed and Namor continue to fight, Ben checks on Scott and the Inhumans and learns that the stasis chamber is malfunctioning and unless Reed comes and helps, Black Bolt may die. Ben tells them to keep calm and goes out to look for Reed when he is suddenly struck by another headache. Back outside, Reed and Namor's fight take them into a department store where Reed realizes that he cannot keep this pace up against Namor and tries to retreat down into the subway, but the Sub-Mariner quickly follows him.

Back at the Four Freedoms, Lyja finds Sue and tells her of the crisis with the Inhumans and learns where Reed is. The two women then head off to try and find Reed and Namor and get them to stop fighting before Black Bolt dies. They take a portion of the Fantasti-Car out to try and track them down. They spot the two men fighting it out at a construction site. The two women interrupt the fight and while Lyja subdues Namor, Sue rushes to her husband and tells him that she loves him and nobody else and that Namor is not a threat to their marriage. Seeing Sue's true feelings Namor becomes even more enraged than ever. Breaking free from Lyja's grip, Namor decides that if he cannot have Susan than nobody can and lunges at Reed. Mister Fantastic is able to dodge out of the way, and finally fed up of Namor's interference in his marriage pummels him into submission. With Namor down, Reed realizes how much of a fool he has been acting and when Sue informs him of the danger Black Bolt is in, he agrees to go back to base right away. After they are gone, Lyja tells Namor he can stop faking and get up. Lyja realizes what Namor did and thanks him for it. However before he flies away, the Sub-Mariner explains that he didn't necessarily do it for Reed, explaining that he is a patient man and his display today was something to keep him in Sue's mind, and that when he returns next it will be when the Fantastic Four least expects it.


Continuity Notes

  • Reed scolds his father for teaching Sue how to tap into hyperspace for a power source. He first taught her how to do this in Fantastic Four #400.
  • A man on the street mentions how he thought a news report stated Reed Richards was dead. The world at large believed Reed died battling Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four #381. However Fantastic Four #407 reveals that Reed was a prisoner of Hyperstorm the whole time.
  • The device that Ben is using to return to human form at will was recovered from Brazil in Fantastic Four #405. All the plot points involving its origins and side effects on Ben are dropped when Ben sacrifices the machine to help battle Onslaught in Fantastic Four #416.

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