Quote1 We're in charge because we're responsible. We have to undo Victor's damage. And I say that when he does rise again, he finds we've left him with nothing. Nothing. Quote2
-- Mr. Fantastic

Appearing in "Authoritative Action: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Authoritative Action: Part 2"

The ruler of Hungary is meeting the Secretary General of the United Nations to discuss his displeasure that the Fantastic Four have prevented his government's attempts to re-annex Latveria and reincorporate it into the country after centuries of being an independent nation. That's when Nick Fury, director of SHIELD, enters the room and questions the Hunarian leader's methods. He points out that not only does Hungary stake a claim in Latveria, but also the nations of Serbia and Symkaria. He tells the two men that the Fantastic Four are the only thing keeping outside interests from running down Latveria. The Director General explains that despite the Fantastic Four's best interest their actions are against international law and there will be grave reprocussions as a result.

Meanwhile, the people of Latveria continue to protest the Fantastic Four's occupation of their country. This bothers Reed and he decides to do something about it. The rest of the Fanastic Four wake up in their room and discover some strange devices on their heads. When they go to breakfast they ask Reed what the devices are, but he tells them they will find out later. When Reed is out of the room, Sue expresses her concern that Reed has been acting strangely since they took over Latveria, however Johnny dismisses these concerns.

Reed later takes them out into the village where they are confronted by the locals who demand to know what they've done to their ruler Doctor Doom. It's at this moment that the others realise that they have learned to interpret and speak Latverian over night. Reed takes them to a lone shack in the middle of town with no doors or windows. When Johnny melts the walls they enter and are shocked to find a guillotine that has been used for the execution of dissidents for years. He also shows them a crematorium inside the building where Doom's victims were incincerated. He then asks Sue to make the walls around the building invisible so all the people outside can see this house of horrors for themselves. Reed then announces to them that he and the rest of the Fantastic Four will ensure that such atrocities will never be committed upon them again. Even after the Fantastic Four smash the building into rubble the people are still frightened of them, much to Reed's frustration. When he reaches out to one of the local, Ben grabs his arm and Sue orders a family meeting.

Back in Doom's castle, Sue complains about missing her children and wanting to go home. Reed is luring them into the castles lower levels while they try to get him to understand that after years of propaganda the Latverians have been thoroughly brainwashed by their master. Eventually they reach a massive metal door and leads them through a series of traps to the other side of the corrordore. Reed explains that there is one very important reason why they are not leaving Latveria. Opening the opposite door, Reed reveals a massive cache of nuclear weapons. Reed explains how Doctor Doom always comes back and this time he wants to make sure his foe has nothing when he does as he is sick of Victor endangering his life. He explains that they are the only ones who could disarm this arsenal, not the Untied Nations or a succeeding ruler. When he finishes his explanation he holds out his hand, and the others join him in solidarity.


Continuity Notes

  • The Fantastic Four put their hands together as they did back when they first formed in Fantastic Four #1.

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