Quote1.png ...even though when it came to protecting our children from Victor, you were utterly useless. No... less than useless. Oh, well. At least they have a father they can count on. Quote2.png
-- Mr. Fantastic

Appearing in "Authoritative Action: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Authoritative Action: Part 4"

With Doctor Doom disposed as ruler of Latveria a youth decides to try and take advantage of the situation by stealing a woman's purse. However he doesn't get very far as some of the locals stop him and recover the wallet. An elder tells the youth that Latveria needs to refrain from becoming a lawless state. This moment of hope soon gives into fear as they armies from Hungary, China, Russia and the United States start converging on the border as part of a United Nations response to the Fantastic Four occupying the country.

At Castle Doom, Mister Fantastic is taking a meeting from Nick Fury who has come to ask him to step down and surrender Latveria to the United Nations without violence. Fury tells him that if he doesn't willingly surrender they will remove the Fantastic Four by force. Reed refuses to do so, telling Fury that he is acting independently. Nick warns him that the United States has to side with the United Nations against the Fantastic Four or risk appearing to be supporting Reed and risk starting a world war. Reed cannot do so because the United Nations might place a worse ruler than Doom. He hands over a folder with the result on Reed's progress in the country and that they still have a long way to go before they set up democratic elections for the people. When Fury tries to tell Richards that this isn't his call, Reed points out how many past operations the Untied Nations failed. When they are interrupted by the Invisible Woman, Fury quickly figures out that Reed has not told his wife about anything that is happening in the outside world. Deciding that he doesn't have time for this, Fury teleports away. Sue demands to know what's going on he tells her to follow him.

He takes Sue down into the dungeon where the Thing and Human Torch are being held in a cell. Sue wants answers when suddenly Ben and Johnny wake up and break themselves out, angry that Reed has unleashed Doombots on a resistance cell that they tracked down the night before. Reed tells them that it was all part of the plan and that at this moment that he intentionally released the dissidents and unleashes the Doombots upon them. The Fantastic Four rush out and destroy the Doombots, putting the final phase of Reed's attempt to convince the people of Latveria that they are there to help. With the Doombots destroyed the locals celebrate the Fantastic Four. Watching from afar, Reed is believes that there isn't enough time to transform the country. The others then enter the castle and express their upset over Reed's machinations, Johnny telling him that he has crossed a line. Sue tries to appeal to her husband, telling he hasn't been well. Reed admits that he is still dealing with the anger over Doom burning his face. Sue tells him that he needs to stop getting vengeance on a dead man. She finally reaches her husband and Reed hugs his wife, at least initially. He upsets everyone again when he tells Sue she was useless when it came to protecting their children. When Ben and Johnny come to Sue's defence, Reed tells them to save their energy for war. When they ask what the deadline for conflict, Reed tells them it will elapse in 40 minutes.

Horrified about what might happen, Sue and the others rush out of the castle to try and talk to Nick Fury. This all plays into Reed's plans, he then goes into the lower levels of the castle and begins writing a goodbye note to his family, he then begins working on a machine. Meanwhile the rest of the Fantastic Four catch up with Nick Fury, and tell him to hold off the attack because Reed is not well. Fury tells them that there is nothing he can do because Reed continually ignored warnings from the United Nations. Now they plan on storming Latveria and arresting Reed and be tried for treason against the United States of America.


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