Quote1 Can't do it! Spidey, I'm trapped! I can't! I... I... I have no pants! Quote2
-- Johnny Storm

Appearing in "Spider Sense: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Spider Sense: Part 1"

Johnny Storm is walking through the city and overhears a radio program that is critical of him. He passes by a shop window where Spider-Man mechandise is popular while Fantastic Four merch is on clearance. He gets a glimmer of hope when he sees a man wearing a Human Torch t-shirt. However he soon finds out that the man and other homeless people have been recovering the Human Torch shirts from a dumpster out of necessity rather than want. Everywhere he looks he finds evidence that Spider-Man is edging him out in popularity, making Johnny angry. Returning to the Baxter Buidling, Johnny has a meeting with Reed to see what they can do to boost the Fantastic Four's profile. Johnny Storms off in a huff when Franklin tells him it's okay to be in second place while wearing a Spider-Man baseball cap. This was a prank put on by the Thing who pays Franklin a dollar for his trouble.

Furious, the Human Torch puts a flame message in the sky telling Spider-Man to meet at their usual place. When they meet at the Statue of Liberty, Johnny has a difficult time asking Spider-Man for advice. The Human Torch explains how the Fantastic Four's popularity took a hit when they occupied Latveria and wants to know what it's like to be so hated. When he refers to Spider-Man as a loser the wall-crawler begins to lose his temper and tells Johnny to get to the point. Before they can ask they are interrupted by a Homeland Security helicopter who tells them to get off the Statue of Liberty. As Johnny carries Spider-Man off he explains that this is exactly what he's talking about and asks for Spider-Man's help. The web-sliner tells the Torch to meet him the following morning.

Meanwhile, the Thing has come to the studio apartment of Alicia Masters to drop off rock. Inside he sees all the statues of him that Alicia sculpted when he was dead. Seeing all the Thing forms makes him furious and he smashes the rock he carried in. Alicia comes in to see what is wrong with Franklin and Valeria in tow. Realising what's wrong, the Masters woman tells Franklin to take Valiera out of the room so they can be alone for a moment. Ben admits that he is upset that even though he got out of Heaven but was stuck becoming the Thing again. Alicia reminds Ben that there isn't a monster inside and that's what counts. When Alicia begins talking about hating the cold, he asks her what she does to protect her sensitive hands. He tells him that she wears gloves. Ben is surprised by this and wonders why he ever let her go.

The following morning, Spider-Man (disguised in a trenchcoat and hat) has brought the Human Torch to a water park in Hoboken. There Spider-Man begins announcing Johnny's presence to the patrons to see if they will swarm him for autographs. He gets the attention of the people who begin berating Johnny for his recent activities. Spider-Man is also recognized by one of the life guards. Suddenly they are attacked by Hydro-Man, who was trying to go straight and believes that Spider-Man and the Torch have come to harass him. Not far away a shadowy figure watches these happenings and find them fortuitious. The Human Torch flames on and joins the battle. During the fight, Johnny's clothing gets drenched she he tries to stip his clothing off. He suddenly gets hit in one of Hydro-Man's tidal waves and Johnny lands in a kiddie pool. It's then that he notices that all of his clothes was washed away including his boxer shorts. Surrounded by playing children Johnny shouts "I HAVE NO PANTS!"

Appearing in "Gone Fishin'"

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Synopsis for "Gone Fishin'"

Sue is on the phone with Alicia explaining how even though Reed has been acting more like his old self, there is a new distance between them. Sue tells her not to worry she has just the plan to get Reed to notice her while eyeing a photo of the Sub-Mariner.

Sue then begins to bug Reed with suggestions that she is trying to see Namor. She convinces him to go shopping with her by saying she'll call Namor. Later she has Franklin interrupt him in his lab while wearing green swim trunks just like Namor. She even has a sculpture of Namor put up in the living room.

Nothing she tries really works as Reed is absorbed in his work, but once she gets off the phone Reed approaches her with his face stretched out into a face imitating the Sub-Mariner. this causes her to laugh. He apologises for ignoring her recently and understands how easily he could have became Namor's queen. When Reed pokes fun at Namor, Sue reminds him of his previous girlfriend Alyssa Moy.

When Sue asks when the last time he heard from Alyssa, Reed shows his wife that Miss Moy is waiting in the living room...


Continuity Notes

Spider Sense Part 1

  • This issue tackles how Spider-Man is currently popular among the public. This is a vague reference to Spider-Man 2 which was released in theaters the same month as this comic.
  • Spider-Man and the Human Torch have always met at the Statue of Liberty when working together. This has been their routine since Strange Tales Annual #2.
  • Johnny mentions the Fantastic Four's failed take over of Latveria which occurred in Fantastic Four #501-506.
  • Johnny states that he is having a "Ben Affleck kind of year". This is in reference to the fact that Affleck was being criticised for being over exposed and having a number of poorly received films including the Daredevil film. This and Johnny's reference to having a "Behind the Music" episode made about him, are both topical references.

Gone Fishin'

  • Sue ribs Reed about the Sub-Mariner as Namor has had a romantic interest in Sue since Fantastic Four #4.
  • Sue mentions Reed's old girlfriend Alyssa Moy. Their past relationship was previously mentioned in Fantastic Four Vol 3 #5.

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