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-- Invisible Woman

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Synopsis for "Fourtitude: Part Two"

The Fantastic Four investigate the mysterious pylons which have lifted Manhattan into the air. Johnny, Sue, and Ben head to the only pylon with windows to search for sentient beings who might be responsible while Reed heads to another pylon where the generators appear to be stored. Both groups find the interiors of the columns to be empty upon first inspection. Sue is able to make the residents of the ship visible, and they find themselves face to face with a host of alien lifeforms.

The leader of the aliens introduces himself as Zius and explains the reason for their actions. He is the last of a race that was destroyed by Galactus. He has devoted the rest of his life to preventing other planets from suffering the same fate. To that end, he created a device which renders entire planets invisible. Recently Zius had learned from the Shi'ar and the Skrulls that there was something on Earth capable of negating this cloaking device. Rather than determine the exact cause, Zius planned to send the entire island of Manhattan into the Sun. With the arrival of the Fantastic Four, Zius has now learned that Sue is the thing he was seeking. When told this, Sue agrees to surrender to Zius.


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