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Quote1.png I've come to learn that, like any energy, the cosmic radiation inside us can't be created or destroyed. It can, however, be... reassigned. Quote2.png
Mr. Fantastic

Appearing in "Fourtitude: Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Fourtitude: Part Three"

Because her powers can threaten to reveal planets that have cloaked their presence to Galactus, the Invisible Woman has turned herself over to the Survivors and their leader Zius to be destroyed. This is protested by the rest of the Fantastic Four, but Zius insists that it is necessary and promises to return Manhattan to normal once they have eliminated Sue. Tearfully, Sue asks to see her husband and children one more time before she sacrifices herself. Unwilling to let Sue die, the Thing and Human Torch attempt to break free but fail. However before Zius can execute the Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic blasts into the room with an alien weapon.

Telling Sue to forgive him, Reed suddenly blasts her with the weapon. However instead of killing her it appears to strip her of her powers. Scanning Sue's body, Zius finds no trace of her powers in her system. With the threat seemingly over, Zieus restores Manhattan to normal, repairing the damage caused by raising it out of the ground. Reed then chastises Zieus for thinking them primitive, pointing out that the Earth has turned back Galactus many times in the past. This rebuke is televised across the city, restoring the Fantastic Four's damaged reputation.

The Fantastic Four are being teleported back onto the roof of the Baxter Building. As Zieus and his Survivors take off Reed demonstrates that he did not strip Sue of her powers, but instead initated a power swap between Sue and Johnny. To demonstrate this, he pushes Sue off the roof of the building forcing her to flame on to save her life. Before Reed has a chance to switch their powers back Galactus suddenly appears and destroys the Survivor's ships. Suddenly Galactus fires energy from his eyes that strikes Johnny boosting his powers and turning him into his newest Herald. As Galactus reaches down for Johnny, he laments on how much this situation sucks.


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