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Quote1 You can't use my mojo because it's too... too human! I forget. You're not a giant man with a bad wardrobe. Not the giant part, anyway. Yes, you're big......but humanoid...nose, fingers, optic nerves, how my brain registers you so it doesn't melt down. Quote2
Invisible Man

Appearing in "Rising Storm: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Rising Storm: Part 2"

After swapping powers with his sister Johnny Storm was forced to become a Herald of Galactus so that he could use the invisibility powers to de-cloak invisible planets. The Fantastic Four have enlisted the aid of Quasar to locate Galactus and bring him back to Earth. Along the way, Sue worries that her brother may become as emotionless as the Silver Surfer when they first met him years earlier. However the Thing thinks about how Johnny would likely use his new powers as a Herald of Galactus to basically joy ride across the universe.

Meanwhile in the Braum Nebula, the people of that world are gripped in fear that Galactus approaches them. However the lead scientist assures his leader that Galactus cannot detect them thanks to the sophisticated cloaking device that protects their planet, unaware that Johnny is watching them invisibly. When Johnny accidentally alerts them to his presence he tries to talk to them but is attacked immediately. Johnny asks that they tell him that he has no wish to have Galactus consume a popualted world. The leader of the planet suggests that he direct his master to a nearby world trying to convince Johnny that the inhabitants of that world are evil. However, his newfound Power Cosmic allows Johnny to see through their lies and leaves in frustration over the fact that even aliens are as cut throat as humans can be on Earth. Still Johnny tries another planet. He finds that world inhabited and hostile as they try to launch nuclear weapons at him. Johnny uses his powers to disarm them. From world to world Johnny goes but cannot find a suitable planet for Galactus to eat that is devoid of sentient life.

When Johnny thinks he has found a planet devoid of life he is disheartened to find that small intelligent insects live on that world. Before Johnny can continue his search, Galactus teleports him back aboard the ship. When Johnny tries to convince Galactus not to consume the world below them he is blasted for his trouble. Johnny continues to protest, not willing to become a murderer no matter the importance. Galactus reveals his true form to Johnny, making him see that Galactus is an important part of the universe. Johnny understands, but points out that Galactus used to be human once, calling him Galan -- his former name. This causes Galactus to pause and demand that Johnny explain himself...


Continuity Notes[]

  • Sue is concerned that Johnny will be emotionless like the Silver Surfer when they first met him circa Fantastic Four #4850. As revealed in Silver Surfer #1, the Surfer became numb to his own humanity when he was first transformed into a Herald of Galactus.
  • Johnny mentions how he is aware that Galactus merely appears "human" to his senses as his true form would destroy his mind. The Fantastic Four first learned this and the origin of Galactus back in Fantastic Four #262.
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