Quote1 So I guess he got what he wanted-- a world to rule......but with himself as its only subject. Diablo was right-- the problem with dreams is they so quickly become nightmares. Quote2
-- Invisible Woman

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Synopsis for "Dream Fever: Part 2"

The Fantastic Four and their family are infected with a strange illness that causes them to swap dreams. In order to understand the illness further, Mister Fantastic monitors Alicia Masters dreams and learns that she is having nightmares about Diablo. This causes Reed to confirm his suspicions: First that the illness is spread by close contact with others, and second that they were infected with it prior to their battle with Diablo, suggesting that they picked it up in the Microverse. The team has become testy thanks to the nights of broken sleep. Soon Johnny and Ben are in a squabble until they are broken up by Sue.

Elsewhere in the city, Diablo wakes up after a dream about his foes the Fantastic Four and their children. Deciding that their time is up, he decides to head out and demand the Fantastic Four send him back to the 9th Century so he can exact his revenge against the Spanish Inquisetors who persecuted him centuries ago. Back at the Baxter Building, Johnny and Sue argue with each other over sleep while Reed tries to prevent Ben from attacking General Quark to force a cure out of him. They stop fighting because they suddenly sense a massive blast of light. Suddenly, the Baxter Building is changed into gold. The Fantastic Four then go out to face Diablo. He demands that they let him use their Time-Platform otherwise he will leave the Baxter building in its currents state which will cause chaos as money hungry New Yorkers storm the building. Reed warns Diablo about the virus from the Microverse, convincing the Alchemist to use the Philosopher's Stone to verify this. Learning the truth, Diablo is able to cure himself of the illness. While their foe is distracted, Johnny manages to snatch it from Diablo's hands and the Fantastic Four retreat back into their headquarters.

Blocking Diablo with one of Sue's invisible force fields, Reed rigs a device that will send out a wave of energy from the Philosopher's Stone to cure everyone in the city that has been exposed to the illness. The jolt incapacitates the Fantastic Four long enough for Diablo to breach their defenses and recapture the Stone. When the Fantastic Four try to stop him from using the Time-Platform, he is able to incapacitate them long enough to activate the device and seemingly escape. However as the team is freeing themselves, Reed explains that he set the controls to trap Diablo on an uninhabited world within the Microverse.

Later Johnny is on the roof of the Baxter Building which has been restored to normal. Sue meets with her brother and confesses she knows what has been bothering him. She recounts how she has been having Johnny's long time nightmare where he is confronted by all the women he loved and how they demand too much from him. Eventually Johnny loses his cool and flames on incinerating them all. She tries to convince Johnny that he can't live his life afraid of intimacy, but Johnny tells her that she can't understand the constant control he must maintain and retires for the night. Later when Reed and Sue are preparing for bed they are talking over who was experiencing each others dreams. Reed explains to Sue that every night he doesn't dream about boring equations but ending each day with her. With that, the couple turn out the lights and go to bed.


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