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Quote1.png Are you saying that we... you, and I... that our desire to understand... was the spark that lit the fire of creation? Quote2.png
Mr. Fantastic

Appearing in "Many Questions, Some Answered"

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Synopsis for "Many Questions, Some Answered"

The Fantastic Four have just met the alient Entity that is apparently involved in the creation of their super-powers. However before this creature can answer any of the mysteries, the people from it's homeworld have arrived to lay waste to the plaent because they view the Entity as a heretic. The creature explains that anyone that disagrees with their view on the universe should be put to death. Soon a swarm of attack ships are unleashed upon New York City.

Fearing for its continued existence, the Entity teleports itself and the Fantastic Four to Maui for safety. Reed pleads to the alien to bring them back so they can save lives, but the Entity insists that it nees to survive for it's intended purpose. However the Fantastic Four refuses to help this alien discover the secrets of the unvierse unless it takes them back to New york City. They are teleported back, even though it causes the Entity great pain. They find the Baxter Building is under attack, causing Sue to fear for her children's safety. Reed orders Sue to bring the Entity to his lab while Johnny takes the children to safety. Reed then tosses Ben at one of the alien ships to wreck it. Johnny finds Franklin with all his potential nannies just as they are being confronted by some alien worries. The Torch then sends the aliens crashing out of the building. At that very moment, Sue locks the Entity in a safe room and heads back out to tend to her children. While Reed and Ben fight off the alien ships, the creatures discovers the portal to the Negative Zone. Seeing a solution, the alien reaches out to Reed and tells it of it's solution.

Inside his lab, Reed learns that the Entity seeks to enter the Negative Zone as it is the only place the aliens can track them. Mister Fantastic tries to communicate the potential danger of crossing over into the Zone, but the Entity wants to do so because it is the only hope the Earth will have. Outside, the others finish off the first wave of alien ships when a second, more larger one arrives. Back in the lab, Reed is calibrating the Negative Zone portal to accomidate transporting the Entity. He learns that the Entity has been searching for centuries for beings that could decode his message. However it expresses its sorrows because humanity constantly looks outwards instead of looking at the beauty inside. It compares that to the Watchers who ever look onward, never seeing beyond anything.

Reed decides that he wants to accompany the Entity and learn the truth to everything. While the rest of the Fantastic Four continue to fight for their lives, Reed and the Entity entre the Negative Zone together. However something happens and the two entites soon find themselves falling inbetween the cracks of time and space. They soon find themselves at the beginning of time. Suddenly the spark of life comes out of the Entity's body and it realises that it is the start of everything. Wanting to discover what happened at the moment of the Big Bang, the Entity commands "Let there be light!" and suddenly the Entity begins to expand in infinite directions, swallowing Reed Richards up in the newly born universe.

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