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Quote1.png Then I made a little joke, and said maybe the only way to really protect the world from the Hulk if he ever goes really nuts is ta stick him in a rocket and shoot him out into space--let him be somebody else's problem. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "To Be This Monster"

The Thing and the Human Torch are trying to stop the Hulk's rampage through Las Vagas after he was enraged by a gamma ray explosion. Brought into a frenzy by haunted memories of his past, the Hulk vows to kill the Thing. The Thing tries to talk sense into the Hulk, but the Hulk only sees a parade of his many detractors: General Ross, the Leader, Doc Samson, and Bruce Banner himself. Hearing these imaginary taunts the Hulk into lashing out. When the Torch asks Ben if he wants some help, the Thing tells him to keep back because he still has it under control.

As the Thing and the Hulk begin trading blows again, their battle becomes known among the gamblers in Vegas who begin placing wagers on who will win the fight. The Hulk knocks Ben to the ground and is distracted again. Seeing a massive statue, the Hulk sees it as MODOK, mocking him. The Hulk goes into another rage and pounds on the Thing again. Meanwhile, the Thing catches a newscast announcing that Reed and Sue are giving up their children to New York City Child Welfare to find a safer home for them.

The Thing then tries to reason with the Hulk, trying to appeal to him because they are both monsters. However the Hulk is still insane from the gamma ray blast and the Thing's impassioned speech gets distorted in translation sending the Hulk into yet another rage. The Hulk starts pounding on the Thing. Johnny comes to Ben's rescue and despite his protests. Johnny unleashes his most powerful flame blast stunning the Hulk. Tapped out, Johnny and Ben are prepared to be trounced again, but the Hulk tells him that he is fine.

Meanwhile back in New York, Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman meet with Simone DeBouvier, the representitive of the New York City Child Welfare Office. She informs the couple that their children have been placed in a good home and per their conditions. Simone tells them that the location of the children is mostly secret, explaining that only her supervisor knows where they have been placed. As Simone tries to assure the Richards that their children's location will be kept a secret, missiles are launched and blow up the house where the children are apparently staying. When Simone gets a phone call to inform her what happened, it turns out that this whole thing was a test to prove that the children are most safe at the Baxter Building. Finally getting Simone to see the danger being the children of super-heroes can be, the Richards manage to convince the woman that the safest place for them to be is home. Spending a moment alone, Reed and Sue talk about how happy that they have each other.

Back in Vegas, the Thing and the Hulk have a moment of their own, the Hulk apologises again for his attack and once more thanks the Thing for helping. Soon the Hulk is taken out of the area via military helecopter. Johnny catches up with Ben and they get to talking. The Thing mentions how he joked with the Hulk about the only way of being able stop him would be to shoot him into space. When Johnny asks if the Hulk laughed at that, Ben finds it odd that he didn't.


Continuity Notes

  • The Hulk relives the moment when Banner was exposed to the gamma bomb blast. This was first seen in Incredible Hulk #1.

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