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Quote1 Reed is a wise man, willing to make hard choices. Like the choices you often make. Like the choice I have made. Quote2
Silver Surfer

Appearing in "Reconstruction Chapter 2: Don't Make Me Embarrass You in Front of Your Friends"

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Synopsis for "Reconstruction Chapter 2: Don't Make Me Embarrass You in Front of Your Friends"

Flying through the solar system, Reed and Sue Richards are heading to the location of their second honeymoon to work on their marriage. On the way, Reed finally caves and tells his wife that they will be spending their time on the Saturnian moon of Titan. Just then they are contacted by a hologram of Mentor of the Eternals who tells the couple that they have full access to his winter home while he is gone and wishes them well as he is off on other business. As they approach Titan, Sue reminds her husband that she is still quite upset with him, but the trip is certainly softening her mood. When she worries about the children as well as Johnny and Ben, Reed assures her that the children are fine and the Thing and Torch can handle themselves.

At that very moment, elsewhere in the solar system, Ben and Johnny -- along with their new teammates the Black Panther and Storm -- find themselves caught between the being known as Epoch and two heralds of Galactus: The Silver Surfer, and Stardust, who have come to procure Epoch for their master. The Black Panther has developed devices that will allow them to breath in space, and for Johnny to use his flame powers. The Thing exits the ship first and tries to reason with the Surfer. But when the Silver Surfer sees through Ben's attempts to distract him, the Thing attacks. Because the Surfer is far more powerful than Ben, Johnny has to come to the rescue. The Black Panther then sends in his wife who uses her mutant powers over the elements to draw hydrogen around the Surfer. When he refuses to surrender, she ignites it with a bolt of lightning causing a massive energy surge that harms the Surfer.

In the middle of the battle, Epoch decides to accelerate her plans and uses her powers to resurrect Gravity, the one she has chosen to be the next protector of the universe. Gravity is confused by his sudden resurrection and when Epoch explains his destiny, he becomes furious, because he is uninterested in helping and just wants to go back home to Wisconsin. Epoch apologises and tells him that this cannot be, and uses her power to push his abilities to their fullest potential, warning Greg Willis that it will be painful. Meanwhile, the battle between the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer rages on. The heroes have the upperhand until Stardust arrives to lend the Surfer a hand. The Surfer however, tells Stardust to stand down so they can compare notes. While the Heralds learns that the Fantastic Four have come seeking to recover Gravity's stolen corpse, the heroes learn that Galactus has come to consume Epoch.

When the Thing asks the Surfer why he is working for Galactus again, he explains that it is for the greater good of the universe. Ben doesn't buy it and refuses to allow Galactus to consume Epoch. Although the Black Panther isn't on board to begin with, Storm pulls him aside and tells him that they need to act as much the family members as Reed and Sue. Soon Galactus arrives and begins preparing the device needed to consume Epoch. The Black Panther has a plan and departs in the ship with Michael Collins, leaving the others to think he has abandoned them. When the Fantastic Four head over to stop him they are met by the Silver Surfer and Stardust. Suddenly, there is a massive blinding light and Gravity -- now with the power of the protector of the universe -- swears that he will do whatever it takes to protect Epoch.

Solicit Synopsis

As Ben and Johnny adjust to their new housemates, the team is drawn into a cosmos-spanning mystery that starts with a single question: Who stole Gravity's body from his grave? Meanwhile, Reed and Sue spend some quality time together on Saturn's moon Titan.


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