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Quote1.png You're pathetic. One of the best minds on the planet and you waste it for years, doing magic tricks-- --then trying to best a man who'd never really harm you, despite your endless provocation. But that's the difference between my husband and me. He doesn't understand revenge. Me? I can't decide which of the many ways I can hurt you I'm going to use. Quote2.png
Invisible Woman

Appearing in "Reconstruction Chapter 6: So I Guess You're Saying the Honeymoon's Over"

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Synopsis for "Reconstruction Chapter 6: So I Guess You're Saying the Honeymoon's Over"

Having lured the Fantastic Four to the moon of Titan, the Frightful Four have unleashed their ace in the hole: Klaw, the Black Panther's long time foe. Although Klaw got the opening salvo, the Black Panther insists on taking him on alone. Klaw unleashes a full force blast. With the Fantastic Four incapacitated, the Wizard reminds Klaw that he owes him as he had Klaw resurrected him after his most recent brush with death. Klaw is grateful and when the Thing begins to recover from the attack, Klaw unleashes his power again. However the Thing manages to plow through Klaw's powers and pounds him so hard, Klaw dissipates. The Fantastic Four then reveal that the Black Panther slipped ear plugs to the rest of the team during Klaw's initial attack.

Although the Fantastic Four have revived so have the other members of the Frightful Four. However before a fighting can begin anew, Storm arrives and tells them that she has just freed the Invisible Woman. Furious at being attacked and tortured, Sue unleashes her full fury against the Frightful Four, incapacitating them all. She saves the Wizard for last, threatening to use her powers to stop his heart, this frightens the Wizard so badly that he faints.

The Fantastic Four are heading off into space and preparing to embark on their mission to stop the Contrasepsis. When Sue isn't sure what they should do with their captives, the Black Panther ejects them in a escape pod that will take them to Earth in 73 months provided they don't intercept them. Heading into hyperspace to reach the location of the Oditopians galaxy. However when they arrive they find a massive tear in time and space. They then get a distress call from Camp Hammond on Earth. He conveys a new message taken from the Oditopian meteor, a weapon that they used to try and stop the Contrasepsis. Reed recognises it as a quantum destabilizer, a weapon that destroys space-time. Navigating out of the hole in space-time, the Fantastic Four are shocked to see a group of Watchers observing this situation. Reed examines the tear and comes to the conclusion that if the tear is not repaired the universe will unravel. Just then a horde of Contrasepsis comes out of the void and begins swarming the ship.


Continuity Notes

  • Klaw mentions how he has killed many of the Black Panther's friends. This is a reference to the people that Klaw killed trying to steal Vibranium from Wakanda in Fantastic Four #53.
  • The being who appears to be Henry Pym in this story is actually a Skrull spy as seen in Secret Invasion #1.

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