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Quote1.png Welcome to Nu-World, Reed. This is where we're going when the Earth dies. Quote2.png
Alyssa Castle

Appearing in "World's Greatest: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "World's Greatest: Part 1"

In the Old West, the Fantastic Four are making a daring escape from a band of Native Americans on their Time-Sled. They make a crash landing in the Baxter Building of the present, damaging their Time-Sled on the process. The Thing is complaining because their planned trip to Disneyland's grand opening in 1955 was interrupted by a time storm sending Ben in the 1600s and needing rescue before their jump to the days of the American Frontier. Landing in front of Johnny, the Thing is laughed at for the outfit that he is wearing. They have returned home to find Johnny packing his things. He explains that he has decided to "grow up" and is getting a place of his own... and starting his own rock band. Ignoring the facts that he doesn't know how to sing or play any instruments, Johnny flames on and flies off to meet with his manager. With Johnny gone, Ben remembers that he is supposed to speak at his old elementary school, while Sue has to meet with other female super-heroes for a charity gig. With the Thing running late, Reed agrees to fly Ben there in the Fantasti-Car.

At Ben Grimm's old school teacher Debbie Green and her colleague are preparing for the arrival of the Thing and Mister Fantastic. Debbie is concerned about the Thing's appearance upsetting the kids, but her colleague -- who thinks she has a shot at Mister Fantastic -- assures her that it will be fun. However, when they arrive, Reed begins to bore everyone with a science lecture on his Anti-Galactus Suit. Growing bored himself, the Thing asks the kids if they want to check out the Fantasti-Car. The children are ecstatic and Debbie Green is very impressed with Ben Grimm. So much so she accepts his offer to go out on a date.

Back at the Baxter Building, Sue is meeting with She-Hulk and the Wasp to discuss the formation of their new team, a charity organisation in the memory of Miss America, the first female super-hero. Their meeting is interrupted by Alyssa Moy who teleports into the Baxter Building seeking out Mister Fantastic. After Sue introduces her, Alyssa tells her that she is now married to millionaire scientist Ted Castle. Reed arrives to hear this and offers his congratulations. After plesantries, Alyssa explains that she has come for Reed's assistance on something that could change the entire world and needs 24-hours of his time. Sue agrees to Reed going, telling him this is what they do and he soon is teleported off.

Reed find himself on an oil rig fifty miles of North Pole that belongs to the Earth-Trust. There he meets Ted Castle who welcomes them to the Earth-Trust's project. He cuts to the chase and explains that it is a secret organization working on a massive project. Reed is taken through a portal to their invention: Nu-Earth, an exact replica of the Earth. They explain that it is where humanity will be going when the Earth dies.


Continuity Notes

  • Debbie's colleague mentions that Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman are going through another "rocky patch". This is a reference the marital problems the developed during the Civil War in Civil War #17. The two patched things up during the events of Fantastic Four #543553.

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