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Quote1.png We're thirteen years in the past, honey. In fact, if you look outside that window you'll see us just about to bump into one another. Can you see yourself over there with the green umbrella? ...And here's me smoking that ridiculous pipe. A ringside view of the first time we laid eyes on one another as adults. I love you, Susan. More than anything in the world. Happy Anniversary, darling. Quote2.png
Reed Richards

Appearing in "World's Greatest: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "World's Greatest: Part 4"

The Fantastic Four are one of the last lines of defence to stop C.A.P., a robot created to defend Nu-Earth by the Earth-Trust. With the Thing knocked into the icy Alaskan waters, the Invisible Woman pulls him out of the water as the various heroes gathered recover from the robots initial attack. With the robot having departed, Alyssa Moy informs them that the robot is increasing in strength and is teleporting around the world dismantling weapons systems across the planet. When she explains the robot is programmed to disarm all weapons, the Thing is unimpressed that they didn't develop a means to stop the robot. Before the squabbling intensifies, Sue tells Alyssa to teleport them out of the area as they are wasting time.

Meanwhile, C.A.P. is attacking the Chitan Nuclear Facility in Siberia. While the Earth-Trust keeps track of the robots progress, the Pentagon is evacuated while authority figures would are dumping their guns and badges. At that moment, Reed Richards is preparing his Anti-Galactus Armor set up in front of the White House in the hopes that it can draw out the C.A.P. and destroy it. Although everyone thinks that this is suicide, Reed insists that this is something that he must do. With the Anti-Galactus Armor activated, the C.A.P. teleports onto the scene and tries to attack the armor. However, when it picks up Mister Fantastic's biosignature it's last failsafe -- not to harm Reed Richards -- kicks in, rendering the robot inert. With this opening, Reed uses his invention to destroy the C.A.P. With the robot destroyed, Reed has the armor shut down. When asked how he could tell how the C.A.P. wouldn't harm him, Reed tells his team that it was an educated guess. In the aftermath of the battle the President of the United States is briefed on the fiasco, but the Secretary of State assures them that both Russia and China will keep the truth about Nu-World a secret as it is their only hope.

Later on, Mister Fantastic helps with the clean up along with Alyssa Moy. Alyssa once more petitions Reed to join their project, but Reed doesn't like how the whole ordeal was covered up. Alyssa takes the opportunity to bring up the fact that she thinks that they both married the wrong people. When Alyssa points out how their respective spouses are different from each other, she asks why he doesn't leave Sue for her. Reed tells her it's because he loves his wife. He then gives Alyssa a kiss on the cheek, when she says it wasn't much of a kiss, he tells her it was goodbye and tells her to be good.

Later, Reed and Sue are celebrating their anniversary. He gives his wife an eternity ring, a ring with a micro-galaxy within it. As one last surprise, Reed reveals that the restaurant they are in 13 years in the past gives them a ringside seat to witnessing the moment he and Sue met as adults. At that very moment, a young Susan Storm bumps into Reed in the rain. Back in the present, Johnny returns home to find Psionics waiting for him in bed, covered in money she just stole. Even though she just committed a robbery, Johnny can't control himself and the two begin making out again. At the Baxter Building, the Thing is showing around Franklin and Valeria's new nanny, Tabitha Deneuve. Suddenly something begins striking the elevator door. Ben pushes everyone back just as the door is broken open. Emerging from the elevator is a wounded Doctor Doom who demands to see Reed Richards, immediately.


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