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Quote1.png You think Santa will still be able to find us here, even though we're in Scotland? Quote2.png
Franklin Richards

Appearing in "The Christmas Monster"

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  • Rhona Next Appearance of Rhona (First appearance)
  • Hector McLeod Next Appearance of Hector McLeod (First appearance)
  • Korgo (Mentioned)
  • Tom McNab (Mentioned)
  • Buster, Tom's wee dog (Mentioned)

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  • Flight Jackets


Synopsis for "The Christmas Monster"

Iarmalt, Scotland. Twenty-Five Years Ago

Rhona King, pregnant with child, tries to flee town, however the locals have blocked the road out of town. Confronted by Hector McLeod tells her that she cannot run without giving up her unborn child to Korgo. Giving up her attempt to flee, the defeated Rhona King surrenders to McLeod and the others who gently lead her back into town.

Iarmalt, Scotland. Today

Haimish Richards stands outside his home awaiting the arrival of his cousin, Reed, and his family who are coming all the way from America to celebrate Christmas with his family. Sudddenly, the Fantastic Four, Reed's children, and Ben's fiancee Debbie Green arrive in the Fantasti-Car, which is also hauling a trailer. When they land, Sue remarks how Haimish and his wife Muriel haven't seem to have aged a day. After they remark on how the children have grown, and Debbie is introduced before they go inside for some tea. That afternoon, Ben tries to call Johnny on his cell phone only to discover that there is no cell service in the area. When Franklin points out that there are some police men in the nearby graveyard, he, Ben and Debbie learn that they are burying one of the local's dog which passed away. They point out that there isn't much in the way of crime, the officer remarks how he has never had to arrest anyone in during his entire career.

In the Town Center, Sue and Murial are out for a walk with Valeria. Sue remarks how everything seems so spotless and untainted in this town. It's during this discussion that Sue is approachde by Rhona King who asks to speak to her in private about the safety of her children. However before Rhona can elaborate they are interrupted by Hector McLeod, who tells Sue to ignore the woman, as she is not a bad woman, just the local eccentric. With McLeod there, Rhona quickly flees.

Soon it's Christmas Eve, and the Fantastic Four is settled in with Haimish and his family. News comes that Johnny is on his way and will be in the area around midnight. When Haimish asks if Reed and his family will come to Christmas mass in the morning, Reed explains that the divisive beliefs in either science or religion in the Richards clan is not as hard-line as in his father's day, and he and the rest of the Fantastic Four would be happy to attend in the spirit of the season. Reed remarks that faith can have a place during special occasions. Haimish concurs, and ominiously states that his belief in their God is what keeps the town so special. That evening, Franklin and Valeria are still awake. Franklin is concerned about Santa finding them when they are in Scotland. After Valeria assures him that Santa will find them, they hear something from downstairs and go down to investigate. They discover that it's their Uncle Johnny who has finally arrived with tons of presents for everyone. With all the holiday bliss, nobody is aware that a group of locals are watching the house and that they have decided that Valeria would be the perfect sacrifice for their master, Korgo.

On Christmas Day, the Richards children are enjoying their latest gifts: flight jackets that allow them to fly all over the area. With an hour left to play, Franklin and Valeria fly into a nearby forest to play. However, when they enter the woods, Valeria suddenly disappears.


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  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books.[1]

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  1. Fantastic Four: The Masters of Doom TPB #1
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