Quote1 The will of eight billion survivors was broken. That's when Lightwave and Ultron took over. After that, there was revolution and war. Quote2
-- Ted Castle

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Synopsis for "Adventures on Nu-World"

On the ruined wasteland of Nu-World, Ted Castle and the disembodied brain of his wife Alyssa Moy detect the portal to Earth opening and rush to meet whoever is there to greet them. This takes them into Alex Ultron's territory where they have to fight off armies of robots. The situation is dire as space-time around Nu-World is buckling causing time to move at an accelerated rate. They arrive just as the Thing, Human Torch, Valeria and Franklin Richards appear out of the portal to a group of Ultron robots. Ted blasts the robots away and asks where Reed Richards is. Learning that this was Ben and Johnny's ill-advised vacation and that the Richards children were stowaways, Ted reveals that while they only last met weeks earlier, eight years have passed on Nu-World. When the travelers notice that the star above Nu-World has turned into a black hole, Castle explains that is what is causing time to speed up. With the portal broken on the Nu-World side, everyone is forced to retreat with Ted and Alyssa when more Ultron arrive. While the others flee, the Thing stays behind to smash the robots before following after them. They are soon confronted by Lightwave and Psionics who tell the Thing that their stay is going to be anything but a vacation.

While Ben faces off against them, Ted manages to get the others to his secret facility, the Wheel. He explains to Johnny that things were great when they first arrived on Nu-World but it got bad real quick when the star collapsed into a black hole. Lightwave and Ultron took over the planet, then they began controlling the population with the telepathic powers of Natalie X. Before they enter the base, they witness as some of the citizens of Nu-Earth take off in jet packs to meet oblivion in the black hole.

Meanwhile, at the fortress capital of Nu-World, Lightwave and Psionics report back to Alex Ultron about the situation. Learning that Valeria Richards is on the planet, they begin planning to capture her in the hopes of forcing her to fix the portal. However, Alex Ultron refuses to go so far as to kidnap a young girl. However, Lightwave believes that with the Thing as their prisoner all they need to do is wait for the others to come to them. Down in the holding area, the Thing comes too and discovers that Hulk Jr. is also a prisoner. However, the Hulk tells him that he is a prisoner of conscience and will only remain imprisoned so long as he wills it. Back at the Wheel, Ted Castle tells the Richards children that the portal back to Earth is irreparably damaged on their side and they are trapped on Nu-Earth. However, Valeria surprises them when she presents the components that they need to fix the portal.

Meanwhile, near the fortress, Johnny and Alyssa are on their way to rescue Ben. On their way they spot the Ultrons taking off, leaving Lightwave and the others alone. But, their presence doesn't go unnoticed as Natalie X quickly detects them with her telepathic powers. While back at the Wheel, Valeria and Ted begin repairing the portal. Castle is surprised when Valeria is able to work up the equations they need to re-open the portal. Later, Castle realizes that he cannot leave the people of Nu-Earth to their fate. At that moment, Johnny and Alyssa manage to make it to the holding cell and begin freeing Ben when they are attacked by Psionics. Although she kills Alyssa, Psionics doesn't live much longer as the Hulk breaks free and kills her. He tells Ben and Johnny to leave while he goes to deal with Lightwave.

Eventually, the members of the Fantastic Four and the children are returned home. That night, Franklin tells his mother everything that happened while they were gone. Franklin tells his mother how Ted Castle stayed behind to help his people, and wonders if they will ever see them all again. Sue tells her son that she doesn't know and tells him that it's time to go to bed. When they both notice that it is after midnight, they realize that it's now Franklin's birthday. The Invisible woman wishes her son a happy birthday and puts him to bed.

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Adventures on Nu Earth! Ben and Johnny have big plans for a much needed vacation in the company of refugees from the future - booze, ladies, misadventures...and two stowaways named Franklin and Val.


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  • This story is reprinted in Fantastic Four: Jonathan Hickman Vol. 1.

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