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Val Richards

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Synopsis for "Days of Future Franklin!"

Franklin is playing in his room when his sister Valeria enters and tells him that everything is ready. Rushing into the living room of the Baxter Building, it appears to be empty. But then Sue makes everyone visible to wish Franklin a happy birthday. Aside from his family, he is joined by the Power Pack, Artie Maddicks, Leech, the Dragon Man, and the Wizard clone known as Thirty-Two. Valeria wishes him a happy birthday by calling him a retard. After saying hello to everybody, they all sit down for some cake. When the children start playing, Reed pulls Alex Power aside and learns that the boy is bored and unchallenged in university. When Alex tells Reed that he has no definite plans for post-graduation study, Reed begins to tell Alex about a new project he is working on and asks if the youth would like to come and work for him. Sue brings Thirty-Two a slice of cake. When she calls him Bentley, he says he hasn't earned a name yet and until he has, he will only go by Thirty-Two.

The Thing then announces the guest of honor, Spider-Man, has arrived at the party. However, as a playful prank on the kids, they have dressed up the Fantastic Four's long time mailman Willie Lumpkin as the famous wall-crawler, while the real Spider-Man playfully clings onto Ben's back. This little joke is enjoyed by the kids, but Johnny is still jealous that Franklin invited him to the party. Spider-Man then entertains Franklin by web-swinging with the boy. After the excitement dies down, Valeria announces that all the attendees are also getting gifts as well. Spider-Man gets "A Losers Guide to Women" from Johnny, while Leech gets a key that will allow him access to the Baxter Building to visit whenever he wants. Valeria also built a device for Artie that will allow him to project his thoughts for the first time since he lost his mutant powers. Eventually, the party winds down and everyone goes to bed.

That evening there is a time quake and suddenly a strange man teleports into the hallway. When the Fantastic Four try to stop this intruder, the mystery man erects a barrier to prevent them from entering Franklin's room. The commotion wakes Franklin up and he comes out to see what all the excitement about. The man lifts his hand and it begins to glow, lifting Franklin up off the ground and making him black out. He then leaves Franklin and enters Valeria's room, where Valeria is already awake. He tells the girl that the future must be avoided at all costs. He tells her that there will soon be a war between four cities, that those who have died cannot be forgotten and the future man will return to help save the past. He finishes by telling her that all hope lies in Doom. When Valeria asks why she should trust him, he tells her that she was the one who sent him. When the man prepares to leave, Valeria rushes outside and says "Happy birthday retard". Smiling the adult stranger drops the force field and teleports away. When the Fantastic Four check on Valeira, she tells them that she is okay.

Later, the Fantastic Four check and find no record of their intruder on the security systems. Reed has run a full check on Franklin and Valeria and has discovered no clues and has found nothing wrong with them. In her room, Valeria begins frantically writing a formula on her wall. While in her room, Franklin thinks about what the stranger said to him, "remember what you are". From under his covers, Franklin delights as he forms a small universe almost from nothing.

Solicit Synopsis

All the Marvel cool kids show up at the bestest birthday party ever! We got X-kids, Power Pack, and Spider-Man in the house as Franklin celebrates his birthday!. Who cuts the cake? Who brings the best present? And who's the special guest of honor? It's Days of Future Franklin!


Continuity Notes

  • The Power children mention a "Power Pack reunion", Franklin joined the Power Pack back in Power Pack #1517 and was a member of that group until Power Pack #62.
  • The future Franklin Richards restores the powers of his younger self. Franklin's powers have been through a period of dormancy which started in Fantastic Four (Vol. 3) #49.

Publication Notes

  • This story is reprinted in Fantastic Four: Jonathan Hickman Vol. 1.

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