Quote1 I am Susan Richards. And I speak for all mankind. Quote2
-- Invisible Woman

Appearing in "Part 2: The Old Kings of Atlantis"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Ul-Uhar Next (First appearance)
  • Vil Next (First appearance) (Unnamed)
  • Wu Next (First appearance) (Unnamed)


Other Characters:






  • Vostok Station Submarine Pod


Synopsis for "Part 2: The Old Kings of Atlantis"

The Invisible Woman briefs the Thing and the Human Torch on the Fantastic Four's next mission. They are going to the Vostok Station located in the center of Antarctica where they an isolated mass of water about 6000 square miles long that has been isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years. She explains that there was interest that there might be life down there when four years ago evidence was discovered suggesting that there is some kind of structure below the ice. Mister Fantastic continues by explaining that recently they discovered that Advanced Idea Mechanics have started boring through the ice in the area in an attempt to get there first. With time of the essence, Reed and Sue tell Johnny and Ben to get ready as they are going to begin a manned mission immediately.

They arrive in Antarctica some four hours later where they meet with Dr. Calvin Cooley the head of the project for the Foundation. Cooley warns them that there are a few issues that would make exploration difficult, but the Fantastic Four are still intent on going down. When they dive into the water they initially don't find the structure they are searching for. When the Thing starts to sink, Sue uses her powers to lift him back up to the surface. While they are looking up, they spot the structure attached to the bottom of the ice. Suddenly, AIM submarines burst through and head toward the city. In response, humanoid fish creatures come out of the structure and fight back against the invaders. The Fantastic Four come to the aquatic being's aid. when AIM flees, the beings invite the Fantastic Four into their undersea city.

Given living creatures that allow them to communicate with the fish-people, and are brought to their ruler Ul-Uhar, who welcomes them to Atlantis. This confuses Reed because the Atlantis he knows has been destroyed. They correct him and explain that Atlantis is the entire sea. Ul-Uhar asks for clarification on humanities distinctions since AIM attacked them and the Fantastic Four aided them, pointing out that there are three different species found in their domain. Reed explains that humanity is not a collective. When Ul-Uhar asks who will be the spokesperson of man, the Invisible Woman speaks up. Accepting this, Ul-Uhar decrees that the Invisible Woman will be the representative for man in their kingdom.

Before the Fantastic Four leave, they are given a device that will allow them to contact the Old Kingdom of Atlantis. They also learn of the three species: the fish-like Uhari, the eel-like Chordai and the crab-like Mala. Sue hopes to create a utopia under the sea by contacting Namor about her discovery, however the Sub-Mariner has not responded.

Solicit Synopsis

At the bottom of the world, there's a mystery buried deep beneath Vostok station. It's part two of the Prime Elements arc: The Old Kings of Atlantis.


  • This story is reprinted in Fantastic Four: Jonathan Hickman Vol. 2.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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