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Alex Power

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Synopsis for "The Frank-tastic Four"

Franklin Richards and Leech have grown bored and decide and seek out someone to take them to the opening of a new line of Impossible Man toys being released by Arcade Toys. He interrupts a Future Foundation meeting where they are trying to solve their first problem, a problem that Mister Fantastic has failed to resolve for years. When Franklin asks to be taken out, Reed tells the boy that he can't do it today, but his Uncle Johnny is waiting in the lobby to take him out. Franklin is disappointed that his father can't go with him but goes anyway.

Downstairs, Johnny notices instantly that Franklin is disappointed that his father isn't going with them. The Torch explains that he had to deal with the same problem when he was growing up: that his own father spent more time with Susan than him. Johnny explains that it's not because his father loves Franklin less than Valeria, just that Valeria is easier to relate with. Johnny excites the children when he reveals that he has Reed's gold card. When he suggests that Human Torch toys are all the rage, he is insulted when Franklin and Leech are more interested in Spider-Man and Iron Man.

Soon they are at Arcade Toys shopping around the Torch suddenly recognizes Arcade, the assassin. Arcade insists that he has gone straight and is just a simple toy seller. He's shocked to find that Arcade has teamed up with the Impossible Man on this business venture. Arcade insists that there are no death traps here. After the ribbon cutting ceremony and revealing the line of Impossible Man toys, which all contain a piece of the Impossible Man in them. However, Arcade reveals that he is lying the whole time and tries to crush the Impossible Man with an anvil. The Impossible Man survives this attack, but Arcade activates all the toys and they start attacking him, Johnny, Franklin, and Leech. When Leech gets knocked out, his power-nullifying field shuts off allowing Franklin to use his powers. After Franklin incapacitates Arcade, the Torch uses his powers to incinerate all the rogue toys. The Impossible Man thanks Johnny and the kids for their help stopping Arcade. In the aftermath of the battle, Johnny is happy to hear that the kids are now fans of the Human Torch.

Meanwhile on Nu-World: 515 years have passed and Ted Castle has completed his robotic version of Alyssa Moy. 648 years, Castle and Moy-2515 manage to escape back to Earth. While outside the time distortion the Ultron Collective reaches maximum population. 820 years Natalie-X's body dies, but her mind lives on, controlling the collective population of Nu-World. 1003 years, Lightwave still sits dreaming of his early days. 1217 years, Banner Jr. has now become the Maestro.

Back on Earth, the Future Foundation and Mister Fantastic sit Ben down for a talk. They explain that they have been working on a cure for his transformation. They go over the limitations they are working under and they explain that the best they can do is offer him a week of humanity once a year. Ben accepts this as his only opportunity to be normal and says he'll take it. Alex Power hands the formula over to Ben, congratulating him on being able to become human again.

Solicit Synopsis

A giant toy store full of deadly videogame kids and killer Legos. An underground labyrinth inhabited by needy Swedish nannies. The Impossible Man. Arcade. And a babysitter named Johnny Storm...Enter the Frank-tastic Four.


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  • This story is reprinted in Fantastic Four: Jonathan Hickman Vol. 3.

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