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Quote1.png I'll find a way to restore you to your normal, brilliant self, and in return you are going to help my father. So we have a deal? Quote2.png
Valeria Richards

Appearing in "Three Part 1: In Latveria, the Flowers Bloom in Winter"

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Synopsis for "Three Part 1: In Latveria, the Flowers Bloom in Winter"

While the Fantastic Four are containing an uprising in the Neutral Zone around the Forever City, Valeria goes to her father's lab. Getting past the security, Valeria gets into Reed's private lab and learns that he still has the Bridge, even though he promised his wife that he would destroy it. When Valeria learns about the Interdimensional Council of Reeds, she fears that her mother will be mad at Reed.

Meanwhile, in Latveria, Doctor Doom thinks about how his mind was recently used by the Intelligencia against his will. He then tells his servant Boris to call his son Kristoff Vernard out of exile. Doom intends to have Kristoff take the Latverian throne until he can restore his damaged mind. Valeria Richards teleports into his throne room. She tells Doom what she has learned from her father's machine and that she has come to see what her "Uncle Doom" would do in this situation.

Valeria recounts how she entered the Bridge and found the domain of the Interdimensional Council of Reeds, who were battling the Mad Celestials. Seeing the gate as a way out, four of the Reeds carried Valeria back to safety through her Bridge. Once upon Valeria's Earth, the Reeds examined the situation before teleporting away. She tells Doom that her father was wrong and asks for Doom's advice. Doom tells her that on this day he is the wrong man to ask, but she needs him to help her father.

In the Future City, the Fantastic Four discover that the Evolutionary Engine is increasing its range when Ben's facemask breaks and he evolves into his simian form again. Needing to shut it down, Reed has Sue put a force field around the Future City while Johnny burns out all the air with a nova flame. With the Future City's population now unconscious, Reed is able to shut down the engine.

The Fantastic Four return home to find their children waiting for them. When Reed asks Valeria if anything exciting happened, she thinks back to the end of her conversation with Doom and how she discovered that Doctor Doom has brain damage and offered to cure him in exchange for his promise to help her father. Doom accepted the offer. Valeria tells her father that there wasn't anything she couldn't handle.

Meanwhile, deep below the Earth, the Silver Surfer has discovered the future corpse of his master, Galactus, and finds this discovery unacceptable.

Solicit Synopsis

Now joined by artist Steve Epting (CAPTAIN AMERICA), Jonathan Hickman’s tenure on FANTASTIC FOUR hits critical mass with “THREE”, running through FF #583-588. The War of Four Cities has begun, and when it’s run its course, one member of the Fantastic Four will have breathed their last! Change is in the air as the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine lives up to its motto! While the Fantastic Four have to deal with an uprising in the Forever City of the High Evolutionary, back home in the Baxter Building Val finds her father's Bridge machine and learns the Cost of Solving Everything. It's the return of Doctor Doom and the debut of superstar artist Steve Epting in THREE, part 1: 'In Lateveria, the Flowers Bloom in Winter.


Continuity Notes

  • The conversation between the Interdimensional Council of Reeds is revealed in FF #3.

Publication Notes

  • This story is reprinted in Fantastic Four: Jonathan Hickman Vol. 4.

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