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Quote1 This is why I am here. This is the death I have seen foreshadowed. Mad gods have come to destroy us all. The Celestials have arrived. Quote2

Appearing in "Forever: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Forever: Part 3"

Above Earth a battle rages between the Kree and the Annihilation Wave that threatens to decimate the planet below. Caught in the middle of the battle are the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man who are struggling with the fact that the Johnny's Annihilation Wave is losing the fight. On the Earth below, the Avengers are trying their best to destroy the debris from causing damage on the planet surface. Needing a save, Reed and Sue make their way to get the device that was given to them by Galactus. However, their ship is soon breached by Kree warriors. Although they are taken by surprise, the Fantastic Four and their soldiers stand up to the threat and defeat the Kree invaders. While aboard the City-Ship of the Universal Inhumans, they are fairing just as poorly, but Black Bolt maintains that they hold fast and continue fighting. Aboard the Fist of Hala, the Supreme Intelligence is told of the current situation and he orders all forces to focus on the Inhumans.

Aboard the Pestilence, Mister Fantastic manages to recover the Arc and uses it as instructed. The bright light from the device cause all forces to pause as suddenly a portal opens and Galactus emerges from within it. Galactus surveys the land and then telepathically contacts Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman. He tells them that this is but a preamble to the danger ahead and tells them that there is greater danger coming, but in the meantime, he will deal with the Kree.

Galactus begins making short work of the Kree invasion fleet when suddenly a large energy reading is detected. Suddenly a powerful blast knocks Galactus back. He recognizes this attack as coming from the threat he has come to stop: The Mad Celestials have now arrived.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Kree Empire vs. the Annihilation Wave… with Earth’s heroes in the middle!

• Galactus returns to judge the world!


Continuity Notes[]

  • Takes place during the events of FF #14, where the Celestials seen here arrive through the Bridge from an alternate Earth.

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