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Quote1 This is not our destination... This is where our journey begins. Quote2

Appearing in "Inert"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Anubis' army (Main story and flashback)
  • Anubis (Only in flashback)

Other Characters:


  • Uhari (Mentioned)
  • Dalfinn (Mentioned)




Synopsis for "Inert"

Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman have brought the children of the Future Foundation to the nation of Wakanda. They are greeted with much fanfare and are welcomed by T'Challa and his wife Storm. Bentley gets into some trouble when he mocks T'Challa as he is no longer the king of Wakanda. T'Challa remarks that a throne isn't necessary to make a king, intimidating the young boy to be quiet.

Millennia Ago

With the fall of Amun-Ra was defeated in a great war, making him a slave of Anubis. Seeking to take the heart of Amun-Ra, Anubis was denied as his heart had already been removed and given to the panther goddess Bast.

Wakanda, Today:

Later, Mister Fantastic meets with T'Challa who expresses his surprise that he brought the children along with him. Reed begins to talk about the things that the Future Foundation wishes to do for the people of Wakanda. He explains that they are here because he wishes to help T'Challa manage the supply of Vibranium, as its value could have a massive impact on the economy of Wakanda. T'Challa tells his friend that they can manage it, that his people didn't just fall into wealth, that they are the first people and that they are a civilization on the horizon of tomorrow. T'Challa explains how Wakanda has managed to accumulate a massive amount of wealth thanks to their dealing in Vibranium and have invested it wisely. He then explains that he has summoned Mister Fantastic here for a different reason altogether.

Millennia Ago

The panther goddess Bast came to the people of Wakanda with the heart of Amun-Ra and dropped it down a deep well. When the people of Wakanda bowed to Bast, she chose one of the tribal warriors. With the blood of Amun-Ra, she drew the symbol of the panther upon the warrior's face, and gave him the knowledge to make Wakanda the greatest nation of all.

The Present, Later:

Reed, Sue and the Future Foundation children are welcomed to a banquet dinner being thrown by Queen Shuri the ruler of Wakanda. The feast is interrupted when they are suddenly attacked by ancient skeletons. The super-heroes and the Dora Milaje easily dispatch the undead warriors. In the aftermath of the battle, T'Challa explains that this is the problem he has summoned Reed to help solve.

Later, T'Challa has changed into the Black Panther and he leads Mister Fantastic to the entrance of an ancient well. As they travel the stairs deeper and deeper they find that it is filled with idols to the panther god. The Black Panther explains that he has asked Reed to join him on this quest as he is the only that will keep up with him. Soon they find themselves before a massive statue of Amun-Ra. There, the Black Panther explains that their jounrey is just about to begin....

Solicit Synopsis

• The Fantastic Four travel to Wakanda.

• The Return of Black Panther to the pages of the F4.

• What happens when the world completely runs out of Vibranium?


Continuity Notes[]

  • The events of this story run parallel with the events of FF #19.
  • Mention is made about how the T'Challa is no longer the leader of Wakanda, he gave up the throne in Black Panther (Vol. 5) #8.

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