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Quote1.png In Necropolis. The Wakandan City of the dead...where Black Panthers go to die. And where you will rule. As king of the dead. Every Panther that has ever lived, their strength, their knowledge is now yours. Every battle fought...every battle won. Unbeaten. Unbroken. A crown of the unconquered. A king of kings. My champion. My Black Panther. Quote2.png
-- Bastet

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Synopsis for "City of the Dead"

Mister Fantastic and the Black Panther are deep below Wakanda before the Wall of Knowledge. As an ancient passageway begins to open, T'Challa tells his long time friend that they are about to enter the oldest part of his kingdom. As they enter the tunnel on the other side, T'Challa explains that he dreamed about entering this place and knew he needed to come. Traditionally it is a place for the dead, but he tells Reed that often Black Panthers enter here with their most loyal warriors to be laid to rest. They pass through a light and soon find themselves in the Necropolis, Wakanda's hidden city of the dead.

Back on the surface, Queen Shuri -- the ruling Black Panther -- tells Storm and the Invisible Woman that they need to go to war against the god of the dead. However, she cannot fight him alone and offers Storm and the Invisible Woman the opportunity to fight at her side. They both agree and are given herbs that will allow them to cross over into the realm of the dead and wage war against its king.

Back down below, T'Challa explains the reverence of this place and how it has been the resting place of every Black Panther before him. But, T'Challa is not sure he has a place here when he dies as he gave up the mantle of the Black Panther to Shuri, but he hopes to earn his place otherwise. When they enter a temple they are before Bast the panther god, who tells T'Challa that the best way to earn his place here is to worship her on his knees. While along the Celestial Path, Shuri warns Storm and Sue that death is close when they are suddenly attacked by demonic dogs. Suddenly Anibus appears before them. Back in the Necropolis, Bast asks who Reed is. When he says that he is a loyal friend who is like a brother to T'Challa, Bast gives him the opportunity to stand at her side to what will become of T'Challa. However, she warns him that in doing so will intertwine their fates together until death and gives him the opportunity to leave. Reed agrees to stand by Bast's side. Bast then asks T'Challa what he desires. The former ruler of Wakanda reveals that he wants what had before, but Bast asks what is she to do about T'Challa's sister.

Meanwhile, along the Celestial Path, the three women are holding their own against Anibus. They manage to land some damaging blows but the Egyptian death god knocks them aside and summons an army of the dead to deal with them. Back in the Necropolis, T'Challa tells Bast that he cannot make the decision regarding his sister's fate or make such that will affect the people he cares about. Bast scoffs at this, telling T'Challa that he must make the hard decisions because she chose him to be her agent from birth. He tells her that all he wishes to do is serve his people and asks what greater need than that. Bast decides to show T'Challa what is so great. By touching his brow and shows him that one day there will be a great fire over Wakanda followed by flooding and great hardship. Bast explains that in the near future someone will need to offer the people of Wakanda salvation above all else.

Seeing all this, T'Challa tells Bast that he will do whatever is best to serve his people. This helps make up the goddess' mind. She decides that Shuri will be the ruler of Wakanda, the Black Panther of the living. With that, Bast seemingly slays Anubis, ending his threat. She then tells T'Challa that he will become the ruler of Necropolis, the Black Panther of the dead. With that, the spirits of every Black Panther before him appears beside Bast. She then restores T'Challa to the mantle of the Black Panther. After the ceremony, Bast reminds Reed that their fates are intertwined, even until death. Later, as Reed and Sue are leaving Wakanda with the Future Foundation children, Reed and T'Challa bid each other farewell, until that day.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Nation of Wakanda is set on a path that will forever change its role in the Marvel Universe.

• The Panther God chooses the fate of T’Challa.

• Who will be the Black Panther?


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