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Quote1 There they go, like sailors of old. With just hope and an idea, the two most concrete things in their lives. Quote2
Invisible Woman

Appearing in "The God Ship"

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Synopsis for "The God Ship"

One Week After the Death of Johnny Storm

Reed Richards has agreed to meet with Moy-2515 deep below the Earth where the corpse of the Galactus from the future has been buried. She asks him to assist them in their plan, but after everything that he has endured, Reed isn't sure if he is up to such a strange task. However, that's when the rest of the survivors from the future join them. Lord Lightwave tells him that they must do this plan because they are responsible for what has happened. They have decided to try and return home.


The Maestro has arrived at the site where work is being done on the corpse of Galactus. There he is confronted by the Human Torch, the Thing, and Spider-Man. Unwilling to wait for them to check with the others, Maestro attacks the three heroes. The gamma-spawned monster manages to hold his own, but the battle is stopped by Lightwave before the Torch can unleash the Cosmic Control Rod on Maestro.

Maestro explains to Lightwave that he had changed his mind about wanting nothing to do with the rest of their former team. He has decided that he wants to try and return home along with them, as he feels he doesn't belong on this world. He is taken down below where Moloids are helping the survivors in the process of converting the corpse of Galactus into a massive ship that will take them through time and space so they can find a new world to call their own.

Soon the Godship Galactus blasts off into space and the adventure that will hopefully take the survivors home. As Reed and Sue watch the ship take off, Reed explains that they will have to pilot their way out to Mu Cephi before coming back to Earth. Provided that they travel at light speed they will return to Earth in the future that they left. Reed assures his wife that they will have a great adventure along the way and succeed in rebuilding their world.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Defenders from the Future hope to set out on the adventure of a lifetime, and only the Fantastic Four can help them get there.

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