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Synopsis for "The Wizard"

With news that the nation of Barbuda is now owned and operated by Advanced Idea Mechanics, there are questions on if the technologically based terrorist organization is going to become a legitimate business. The President of the Untied States has summoned Captain America, Iron Man, Giant-Man, and Mister Fantastic to the White House to discuss the situation and how to best handle it. Although Captain America offers to send the Avengers in, Mister Fantastic things a more subtle approach to this situation. He explains that this splinter group of AIM is run by Doctor Andrew Forson and is affiliated with the Wizard, who is now insane. After hearing this out, the President asks Reed if his team can solve the situation for them.

Soon the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man are en route for Barbuda in the Fantasti-Car. They are spotted approaching and word is brought to the Wizard who orders his troops to attack. The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man soon find themselves busy battling off a legion of AIM soldiers. While inside the science council of this AIM group has decided that they are going to elect a new leader, and choose Andrew Forson to be that leader and crown him the new Scientist Supreme of AIM. Outside the battle rages on, but suddenly the Scientist Supreme orders his soldiers to stand down. When the Wizard refuses to surrender, he is brought down by tranquilizer darts. The Scientist Supreme then welcomes the Fantastic Four to AIM Island and hopes that they can come to a peaceful solution that is agreeable to everybody.

The Wizard wakes up in a cell to find the Invisible Woman looking over him. When he asks her what she wants, she smiles and says she already has it: an old man in a cage where he belongs. Upstairs, Mister Fantastic and the Scientist Supreme are finishing a deal that will make Mister Fantastic the Untied States ambassador to Barbuda. Down in the commissary, Johnny, Ben and Spider-Man are talking about who will get diplomatic immunity due to their familial relation to Reed. Suddenly, Spider-Man notices that all the AIM agents in the lunch room with them are wearing their masks, making it impossible for them to eat. With their cover blown, a fight breaks out. While upstairs, the Scientist Supreme offers a gesture of good faith by offering to turn the Wizard over to the United States to show that AIM is willing to be a part of the international community.

Soon, Mister Fantastic is down below visiting the Wizard. He explains that AIM is giving him up because they have realized that the tumor in his brain is driving him insane and that he has nothing to offer them. Reed then leaves the cell and allows Bently-23, the clone of the Wizard to spend time with his creator. Bentley gives his creator one of his helmets, and the Wizard shocks him by saying that there is no escaping nature and tells the boy to put the helmet on.

This story is continued in FF #22...

Solicit Synopsis

• Crossing over with FF #22, the Fantastic Four must deal with the fallout of the Wizard returning to claim his son, Future Foundation member, Bentley 23!


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  • Cover art combines with cover art of FF #22

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