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Appearing in "-- From Beyond This Planet Earth!"

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Synopsis for "-- From Beyond This Planet Earth!"

After the destruction of Sentry 459, the Kree Supreme Intelligence has become interested in the planet Earth. The Intelligence probes the minds of the Fantastic Four as they sleep, warning them that their guilt or innocence in the matter will be determined by his agent, Ronan the Accuser. The Fantastic Four all awaken, surprised to learn that they all experienced the same exact dream, leaving them to ponder what it could really mean.

While out in deep space, Ronan the Accuser is in his ship en route. Arriving above Earth orbit, Ronan then uses his Matter Transmitter to teleport himself to the surface of the Earth. Materializing in the middle of New York City, Ronan then erects a Aura of Negativism in order to conduct his trial uninterrupted by outsiders.

Meanwhile, unaware of the dangers, the Fantastic Four begin going about their day. While Reed and Sue are out on a dinner date they suddenly vanish in the middle of their meal. Johnny is teleported away while out on a joy ride in his new hot rod with Crystal. Lastly the Thing is teleported away as he is on his way out to meet Alicia. They find themselves trapped within the Aura of Negativity with Ronan. When the Thing tries to attack the Accuser he is instantly felled by a blast form Ronan's Universal Weapon. He quickly downs Ben, Johnny and Reed. After this show of power, Ronan uses his Universal Weapon to change Reed, Sue and Johnny's street clothes into their Fantastic Four uniforms. He then tells them to prepare for sentencing while the Thing struggles to get to his feet, just as Ronan finds them guilty of crimes against the Kree Empire.

At that same time, Alicia waits for Ben to arrive, but becomes worried because he has never been so late before. Suddenly she is greeted by a stranger in her room who convinces her that to trust him as she is needed elsewhere. This stranger then leads Alicia out of the room as the two somehow manage to pass through the wall of her apartment. Back at the Aura of Negativity, the authorities have gathered and are trying to use high tech weapons to breach the barrier, but find that they are no use against it. Inside the cone, the Fantastic Four rush at Ronan, ready to fight for their lives. Both Johnny and Reed are knocked out in the initial fight, but Ben manages to grab hold of Ronan and pin him to the ground just as his Universal Weapon is being fired. The resulting blast causes Ronan and the Aura to disappear. As the Fantastic Four try to make sense of this encounter, Reed suspects that the Kree will be returning to their world very soon. As he is saying this, the Kree ship carrying Ronan the Accuser returns to its home galaxy.


Continuity Notes

  • This issue marks the first appearance of the Kree race who originate from the planet Hala, first seen in Captain Marvel #1. Their previous interest in the planet Earth stems from an encounter with the Eternals of Uranus in What If? #28, this led to the experimentation on humans that created the Inhumans as explained in Thor #147. It was later explained in Inhumans #3 and Inhumans (Vol. 3) #1 that the Inhumans were created to be disposable soldiers that could be used against enemies of the Kree Empire.
  • The Supreme Intelligence is an organic computer that is comprised of all the greatest minds of the Kree empire that have ever lived and acts as their leader. This fact was revealed in Captain Marvel #16.
  • Ronan the Accuser is depicted here with Caucasian skin, however all future depictions of Ronan shows him with blue skin typical of baseline Kree starting in Captain Marvel #16. All other appearances of members of the Kree prior to Captain Marvel Vol 1 16 depicts them as being Caucasian. Following that story members begin appearing with blue skin regularly. As explained in that same issue the different skin tones are due to Kree's breeding outside of their race.
  • The Kree appear on Earth again in the pages of Marvel Super-Heroes #12 when they send Captain Mar-Vell to Earth to learn more about Earth society. Ronan himself does not appear again until Captain Marvel #1 when he begins monitoring Mar-Vell's mission a little more closely. Chronologically speaking, the Supreme Intelligence is next seen in Untold Legend of Captain Marvel #1 where he sent a team of Kree soldiers to recover Admiral Devros.
  • The mystery man who kidnaps Alicia here is later revealed as Jerome Hamilton of a group of rogue scientists who call themselves the Enclave as revealed next issue.

Chronology Notes

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