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Synopsis for "When Fall The Mighty"

Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, and the New York police manage to track down the Mad Thinker's hideout in the hopes of finding a way of restoring the Thing's personality to normal. Upon their arrival, they are attacked by the Thinker's army of androids. While they destroy the androids, the Torch speeds forward just as the Mad Thinker begins flooding the room with water.

While out on the street, the Thing learns of the police dragnet out trying to find him from the newspaper and decides to go to the Mad Thinker's hideout to get his final "revenge" against Reed Richards. When a taxi fails to stop for him, he goes on a rampage in the streets attracting the police and forcing Ben to flee through the sewers. Back at the Baxter Building, Sue laments over the situation and is comforted by Crystal. Meanwhile, at the Mad Thinker's hideout, the Torch melts a hole in the floor to stop the room from flooding but flies directly into an electro-wall barrier blocking their path into the next room. Elsewhere, the Thing emerges in the New York Subway and hitches a ride on a train on his way to the Thinker's secret lab. Just then Mister Fantastic slips under the barrier and with the help of the real Doctor Santini manages to knock out the Mad Thinker and turn him over to the authorities.

When the Thing arrives he attacks Reed and Johnny, who begin luring him across town to the Baxter Building. Taken to a jail cell, the Mad Thinker is not completely out of tricks and remotely activates one of his androids which also makes its way to the Baxter Building. Just as Johnny steers Ben into the path of the menta-wave unit, Reed blasts him. The jolt knocks the Thing out, leaving Johnny to believe he died. Before they can check, the Thinker's android comes crashing through the wall, just as Sue enters the room to see what is going on.


Continuity Notes

  • Doctor Santini appears in Avengers #69. He is the attending physician for Tony Stark who was hospitalized following a heart attack at the end of Iron Man #18.

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