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Quote1.png We're about to become-- the first human Micronauts! Quote2.png
-- Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)

Appearing in "Stranded in Sub-Atomica!"

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Synopsis for "Stranded in Sub-Atomica!"

Brief Summary::
The Fantastic Four enter the Microverse to find the Silver Surfer. They try to force him to come back with him, but the Surfer overpowers them. They are then attacked by the Psycho-Man's Indestructible One. Delayed by this new menace, they start to worry about Galactus destroying the Earth. Hearing this, the Surfer makes the Indestructible One disappear and agrees to confront Galactus.

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Detailed Summary:
Needing to find the Silver Surfer in the Microverse in order to appease the commands of Galactus, the Fantastic Four travel into that dimension by using Reed's newly build Reducta-Craft, which allows them to shrink down in size small enough to cross over into this micro-universe. As they venture to this other world, Sue's doctor pays her a visit to monitor the progress of her pregnancy. When she frets over her husband, her doctor orders her not to listen to any upsetting news stories. After he leaves, Sue begs Crystal to know what she is keeping from her, but the young Inhuman tries to avoid telling what she knows, should it have an adverse effect on Sue's pregnancy.

Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four have breached the barrier and entered into the Microverse. There they begin their search for the Silver Surfer, but Reed cautions them to be careful as they are venturing into the realm of their foe the Psycho-Man. Soon they cross paths with the Surfer and attack to try and knock him out. When the Surfer lands on a nearby asteroid, the FF land their ship and try to subdue their sometime ally. The Surfer easily fights them off and returns to soaring the space ways of the Microverse. As he flies away, his passing is detected by a ship carrying the Pscyho-Man. Detecting his old foes the Fantastic Four in the vicinity, the Psycho-Man unleashes his Indestructible One upon them.

As the Fantastic Four try to follow after the Surfer they are attacked by the Indestructible One. As they clash with the construct, above the Earth, Galactus grows impatient and begins his preparations to consume the planet. While in the Microvese; Reed, Johnny and Ben continue to clash with the Psycho-Man's construct and begin to grow desperate with the longer this battle delays their hunt for the Surfer. Hearing Mister Fantastic's panic, the Surfer returns and uses his Power Cosmic to destroy the construct they are fighting. After hearing about the current threat, The Silver Surfer grimly tells his friends that he realizes that he has a duty to protect the people of Earth and agrees to return to face Galactus. As the Surfer heads to Earth alone, the Psycho-Man observes and prepares to unleash a full out assault on the three remaining intruders in his domain.


  • The Psycho-Man last clashed with the Fantastic Four during a failed attempt to conquer Earth. He fled back into the Microverse during this battle. [1]
  • Sue is not an active member of the team since she discovered she was pregnant [1] and was pulled from active duty. [2]
  • Galactus is so desperate in this story that he is willing to break his vow to spare the Earth. [3]
  • The Reducta-Craft is not seen again until Micronauts #15.

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