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Quote1 Hey, Stretch! Now that ya talked us into stayin' here in the micro-world to fight Psycho Man... how in the name'a Aunt Petunia are we gonna find 'im? Quote2
The Thing (Ben Grimm)

Appearing in "Shall Earth Endure?"

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Synopsis for "Shall Earth Endure?"

Brief Summary:
The Silver Surfer returns to Earth, while the Fantastic Four stay in the Microverse to battle the Psycho-Man. The Surfer agrees to help Galactus find another planet to eat in order to save the Earth once again. The Fantastic Four leave the Microverse, thinking that their world still needs to be saved, and the Surfer is returned to Earth by Galactus.

Fantastic Four Vol 1 77 001

Detailed Summary:
As the Silver Surfer returns to Earth to appease his former master Galactus, the Fantastic Four's leader Mister Fantastic has opted that they will remain in the Microverse until the threat of the Psycho-Man has also been resolved as well. As they discuss their next course of action a device flies towards them and teleports them aboard the Psycho-Man's ship. There the Psycho-Man reveals his intentions of destroying the Fantastic Four before making his next attempt to conquer Earth. When Johnny lashes out with his flame powers, seemingly destroying Psycho-Man, they find that he has tricked them with an encepho-projector that projected a hologram of their foe.

Back on Earth, the Silver Surfer has increased in size enough that he has returned from the Microverse. Upon his arrival he is greeted by Crystal and updates her on what's going on. She tells him not to mention any danger to Sue, and explains that she is pregnant. When Sue becomes restless from the lack of news about her husband, the Surfer uses his Power Cosmic to sedate her so she can rest. The Surfer then speeds into space to greet Galactus, agreeing to find him a suitable world again in order to spare the Earth from his hunger.

Meanwhile, in the Microverse, the Fantastic Four search for Psycho-Man, smashing their way through his ship and its defenses until they reach their foe. Psycho-Man proves stronger than they had anticipated and he bowls over the Thing. In order to get a breather, Johnny melts down a wall to block his path, but the tyrant of the Microverse smashes through the barrier easily. Ben quickly enters the fray, but the Psycho-Man gets away again, angering Reed who wanted to examine their foe. As the Surfer finds a new world for Galactus to consume, the Fantastic Four track down Psycho-Man again who attacks them in yet another suit of armor, one that can counteract their super-human abilities. However as the struggle continues, the Thing causes some of the Psycho-Man's equipment to fall on him, trapping him. However before Ben can finish him off, Reed tells him that they have to let the Psycho-Man go.

While in space, the Silver Surfer has succeeded in his appointed task and asks Galactus to set him free. Galactus refuses, instead teleporting him back to Earth so that he can find the Silver Surfer easily should he require his assistance in the future. Back in the Microverse, the Thing frees the Psycho-Man as Reed explains the threat of Galactus, and how if the world devourer destroyed the Earth, the Microverse would be destroyed as well. After Psycho-Man probes Reed's mind and learns that he is telling the truth, he teleports them back home in the hopes they can stop Galactus.


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