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Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards)
The Silver Surfer reached Galactus in time! Earth is saved!
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The Thing (Ben Grimm)
Sheeesh! We may haveta start collectin' unemployment insurance!
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Appearing in "The Thing No More!"

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Synopsis for "The Thing No More!"

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Detailed Summary:
Arriving on Earth from the Microverse, Reed, Ben and Johnny are happily surprised to find the threat of Galactus has been averted. Elsewhere, the Wizard has been released from prison and vows revenge against the Fantastic Four, creating "Wonder Gloves" that increase his strength. After testing the weapons out, he flies towards the Baxter building to get revenge on his foes.

Meanwhile, Reed has come up with yet another invention to change Ben back to a normal human, and surprisingly this time it works with no side effects. Just then the Wizard attacks, and without the added strength of the Thing, Reed and Johnny are unable to match the villain's new powers.

While at the hospital, the doctors have some concerns about the baby Susan is carrying. Speaking to Crystal in private they show her medical charts which show that the cosmic rays in Sue's body could effect the baby. Back at the Baxter Building, Johnny and Reed manage to trap the Wizard and knock him out. While disarming him of his Wonder Gloves, the Wizard revives and manages to escape. Ben finding himself useless asks Reed if there is any way that he can change back to the Thing so he's not as useless in the future. Reed tells him that any attempt to change back into the Thing will be permanent.


  • The Wizard was released from prison after being captured by the Human Torch and Spider-Man after a failed team-up with Spider-Man's foe Mysterio to try and eliminate the two heroes. [1]
  • The last time Reed attempted to change Ben back to human form, it failed due to interference by the Mad Thinker. [2]
  • The Wizard's Wonder Gloves are confiscated by the Fantastic Four in this issue. Ben uses them to transform back into the Thing in the next issue. The Wizard constructs a new pair in Fantastic Four #81.
  • Sue is not an active member of the team since she discovered she was pregnant [3] and was pulled from active duty. [4]

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