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Wyatt Wingfoot

Appearing in "Where Treads the Living Totem!"

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Synopsis for "Where Treads the Living Totem!"

While Susan is still in the hospital, the FF get mail from Johnny's friend Wyatt Wingfoot who has been spending the summer back with his tribe. He asks for the FF's assistance in helping him solve the mystery of some hauntings that have been going on in the area.

Traveling to Wingfoot's tribe, the group learn that the tribes people are being terrorized by their god Tomazooma, the Living Totem. However, they soon learn that an oil company is interested in the land, are behind Tomazooma, using a robot built after the tribe's god of worship to scare them off the land.

With Reed, Johnny and Ben's help, Wyatt manages to destroy the false Tomazooma robot, and after the battle, the group is shocked to see that the real Tomazooma had come to destroy the impostor, but is now leaving seeing that they managed to destroy its fake without its help.


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Events happening behind the scenes in this story affect the chronology of the following characters: Thing:


Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Fantastic Four Fan Page. Letters are published from John Dodd, Lamar Mauldin, Mark Cordisio, Donald McGregor, George Ferguson, S.L. Cox, Bill Lewis, Cutler Ross, Jr. and Sgt. Michael Kuhne.

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