Quote1 And now, by the authority vested in me – by nobody in particular – I most warmly welcome you to the rollicking ranks of the fabulous free-wheeling Fantastic Four! Quote2
-- Mister Fantastic

Appearing in "Enter -- The Exquisite Elemental!"

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Synopsis for "Enter -- The Exquisite Elemental!"

With Sue unable to actively be a member of the Fantastic Four, Crystal joins with the team. Reed, however, is unsure of her ability because of her young age. However, Crystal is able to be functional -- and much needed -- addition to the team when the Wizard returns to get revenge on the Fantastic Four for his last defeat.

He attacks the Baxter Building directly, destroying his old Wonder Gloves left behind during his last battle with the group. The new Fantastic Four chase after the Wizard and fight him by the docks. Overpowered and unprepared with the addition of Crystal to the group, the Wizard jumps into the harbor and makes a quick getaway. The battle over, Reed welcomes Crystal as a member of the team.


Continuity Notes

  • This story takes place after the events of Fantastic Four Annual #6 wherein Sue gives birth to her son. She is absent from this story as she is on maternity leave.
  • The Wizard originally built his Wonder Gloves in Fantastic Four #78. The pair that are destroyed in the Baxter Building was that very pair, taken from the Wizard after his defeat in that same issue.
  • This story begins Crystal's membership within the Fantastic Four which lasts until Fantastic Four #104 when the pollution of the outside world force her to return to Attilan.

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