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Quote1.png I'm always runnin' inta some big-talkin' joker who thinks he can whup the ol'FF! But we're still here, see? Which is more'n ya can say fer them other far-out foul-ups! Quote2.png
The Thing

Appearing in "The Mark of -- the Madman!"

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Synopsis for "The Mark of -- the Madman!"

Although offered a membership with the Fantastic Four, Crystal must return to her fellow Inhumans and ask for permission to act as a member of the group. Transported to the Hidden Land by Lockjaw, an army of Alpha Primitives appear in their place, attacking Reed, Johnny and Ben.

While in the Hidden Land, Crystal is taken prisoner by Maximus who has taken over the Hidden Land and made the royal family his prisoners. When Reed, Johnny and Ben fight off the Alphas and fly to the Hidden Land themselves, they are attacked by Maximus' robot creation Zorr and are easily defeated.

With nobody to oppose him, Maximus reveals his plan to use a giant hypno-gun to make the entire population of Earth his loyal slaves.


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