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Mister Fantastic
It's hopeless, Johnny!
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Human Torch
Never thought you'd say that, Reed!
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The Thing
You know Stretcho, kid... if he can't do somethin', he figgers nobody can!
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Appearing in "Shall Man Survive?"

Featured Characters:

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  • Inhuman Rocket

Synopsis for "Shall Man Survive?"

Made prisoners of Maximus, Reed, Ben and Johnny are put in a cell that they cannot break out of. Meanwhile, Maximus selects a loyal guard of Inhumans to serve him. While the Royal Family continues to try to break out of their own prison. Black Bolt risks using his powerful voice to break loose and the family fights through Maximus' loyal Alpha Primitives to free Reed, Ben and Johnny.

Although they fail to stop Maximus from activating his hypno-gun, the FF and the Inhuman Royal Family defeat Zorr, Maximus, and the Inhumans loyal to him. They manage to destroy the hypno-gun however they are unable to stop Maximus and his followers from escaping in a rocket, vowing to get revenge at a later date.


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