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The Thing

Appearing in "The Power and the Pride!"

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Synopsis for "The Power and the Pride!"

Storming Dr. Doom's castle, the Fantastic Four are split up when Crystal and Sue fall through a trapdoor. While the girls fight their way into Dr. Doom's banquet hall, the guys fight through the main hallways of the castle.

As Doom invites the girls to sit and feast with him to watch the ensuing battle, they witness as Doom's assistant Hauptman tries to burn Reed and the others with a flamethrower. However, when Hauptmann almost destroys Doom's valuable art, Doom plays a special key on his piano that kills Hauptmann on the spot. Growing weary of this "game," Doom tells Sue and Crystal that the battle is over and tells the Fantastic Four that they are allowed to leave Latveria.


Continuity Notes[]

  • Gustav Hauptmann is slain in this issue, but is survived by his brother Gert Hauptman, who was also in Doom's employ as early as Fantastic Four #196.
  • Following this story Doctor Doom returns to his embassy in Latveria, where he attempts to enlist the Sub-Mariner in his latest scheme after providing him asylum from the law, as seen in Sub-Mariner #20.

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