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Quote1.png It's a strange paradoxical world we live in... a man can be arrested for illegal parking... but there's actually no law against trying to conquer the planet! Quote2.png
Mister Fantastic

Appearing in "The Skrull Takes a Slave!"

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Synopsis for "The Skrull Takes a Slave!"

The FF have been busy disarming all the traps they can find in their house put in place by the Mole Man. However, while doing so, the Mole Man manages to break loose of his bonds and make an escape. The Thing soon leaves to go meet up with Alicia, who is taking care of Reed and Sue's baby. Elsewhere, the Skrull who landed on Earth takes on various guises to get to New York City to look for the Thing.

Disguising himself as Reed Richards, the Skrull tricks Ben into following him into the woods to stop an "alien invasion." The real Reed gets a call from Alicia who is worried, because Ben is late for their get-together. Before they can do anything, though, the house suddenly starts building up with energy. The team escapes, and the house explodes.

Deep in the woods, the Skrull's ruse is revealed, and Ben is incapacitated. The Skrull then loads Ben on the ship and leaves the Earth, headed for the Great Games.

Solicit Synopsis

A superhuman Skrull from outer space has landed here on earth. But, he doesn't want to conquer our planet. No, all he wants is — to enslave the Thing! It's dynamite!


Continuity Notes

  • Although the building the Mole Man constructed here is destroyed, Fantastic Four #127 reveals that an access tunnel to Subterranea still remains.

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