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Appearing in "The Thing -- Enslaved!"

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Synopsis for "The Thing -- Enslaved!"

Torgo greeting Thing

The Skrulls take the captured Thing to the planet Kral, a world whose culture is a mirror of the legendary 1930s. Back in the Prohibition Era, a mobster named Machine-Gun Martin escaped prison and was captured by the Skrulls. The inhabitants of Kral, fascinated by gangster culture, adopted it as their own. Boss Barker makes a bet with his opponent Lippy Louie that his acquisition of the Thing will be able to defeat his best fighter, the Mekkan known as Torgo in the Great Games.

While the FF on Earth begin searching for their captured friend, Ben is delivered into slavery at the hands of Boss Barker. Along the way Ben learns that the Skrulls of this planet adopted 1930's humanoid forms, inspired by Martin, and capture beings from other worlds to fight in their gladiator pits. After a few failed escape attempts, Ben is informed that he will have to fight Torgo. When meeting Torgo, Thing learns that the justification of the Mekkan's life will be the death of the Thing.

Back on Earth, Reed's deductions as to what happened to Ben bring him to the conclusion that he was likely kidnapped by the Skrulls.

Solicit Synopsis

See the mighty Thing, enslaved on the planet of the Skrulls!


Continuity Notes

Chronology Notes

Events occur behind the scenes of this story that affect the chronology of the following characters: Human Torch:

  • 🢐 Page 1-19 🢒 - Johnny goes out looking for the Thing.
  • 🢐 Page 20 🢒 - Johnny returns to the Baxter Building and learns Ben was kidnapped by the Skrulls.

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