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-- Torgo

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Synopsis for "Ben Grimm, Killer!"

Torgo (Earth-616) and Benjamin Grimm (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 92 0001

Torgo and Thing fight

While Reed is trying to find which planet Ben was taken to, Ben himself is forced by Boss Barker to fight various beings from other planets by his trainer Napoleon before going to partake in the big fight against Torgo. After an attempted assassination attempt by Lippy Louie on Boss Barker's life, Barker has his slaves shipped to the arenas where they are forced to combat each other. Ben tries to resist, but all of his attempts are quelled, and Torgo insists that Ben just accept his fate. All hope seems lost when Torgo tells him about the Sonic Disrupters, which can knock any of their home planets out of orbit. If Ben fights his masters, Earth will be destroyed as a consequence. The Great Games begin, and Ben awaits his turn in the arena with Torgo.

On Earth, Reed locates the planet which Ben was taken to, and, with the Skrull saucer in their possession, Reed, Johnny, and Crystal fly into space to go and rescue their friend.

Solicit Synopsis

The enslaved Thing must kill — if earth is to survive!

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