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Appearing in "Tomorrow -- World War Three!"

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Synopsis for "Tomorrow -- World War Three!"

A spy named the Monocle has been hired by benefactors who seek to benefit from the outbreak of World War III. They plot an assassination at the UN Summit in New York. The Monocle first targets the summit's defenders: The Fantastic Four.

The Monocle successfully distracts Sue and Reed by knocking the Fantasticar our of the sky with his Neutrak Ray blaster. He then uses it to knock over a building to distract the Thing. Meanwhile, Medusa has asked Crystal to return with her to the Hidden Land, because the Inhuman royal family needs her. When Johnny tries to prevent Crystal from leaving, Medusa forcibly takes Crystal with her, leaving Johnny upset.

Reed convinces Johnny that saving the world is more important than pouting and sends him to help with protecting the delegation. Johnny is also targeted from afar by the Monocle. As soon as he prevents a water tower from falling on the people below, a billboard begins to fall. Johnny realizes that these crises are only a distraction from the UN summit.

Setting up at the summit posing as a member of the Foreign Press Agency, the Monocle is surprised when his Neutrak gun, cleverly disguised as a camera, explodes. The shocked Monocle is told by Reed that he'd discovered Neutrak rays sometime ago and, after the attacks, built a Neutrak feedback device. Fleeing with his air-jet rods, the Monocle is captured when the Human Torch melts the devices, and the Thing catches him when he falls to the ground.

Solicit Synopsis

A villain called Monocle! A plot to start World War Three! And that's only the beginning!


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  • This issue contains a letters page, Fantastic Four Fan Page. Letters are published from Jeffrey Morgan, Charlie Williams, Mike Burton, Anne Greco, Ron Haeske, John Sorenson, and David Hachman.

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