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Synopsis for "Hark The Herald"

Continued from last issue...

The Silver Surfer arrives over the planet Earth and watches over it considering his friends the Fantastic Four and wonders if there is any way that he can save the Earth and his new friends from Galactus and seeks them out to try and warn them. Ben, Sue and Reed are in Central Park having a quiet afternoon. While Alicia does a sculpture of Ben, Sue interrupts Reed's puzzling over some work to tell him that she's pregnant. Reed drops his work immediately and suggests that they should tell everyone right away. When they try to radio Johnny at the Baxter Building he abruptly cuts them off telling him that he isn't ready for company. He is busy letting steam off in the training room to try to get his mind off of Crystal of the Inhumans.

Back at Central Park, the other members of the FF are attacked by Terrax, one of the Heralds of Galactus. Sensing some of his masters Power Cosmic within them, Terrax attacks and finds them an easy match. Just as Galactus arrives over the Earth, Johnny is channel surfing and comes across a news report about the battle in Central Park and rushes to the rescue as the Human Torch.

With Johnny's aid, Ben is able to knock Terrax out and Reed tries to flee the scene with Sue, telling Ben and Johnny that she's pregnant. Before they can do anymore they are greeted by two more Heralds of Galactus: Firelord and Plasma who have come to battle those who have attacked their comrade Terrax.

This story is continued next issue...


Continuity Notes

  • Although Sue states here that she is pregnant this plot thread is dropped immediately after this story. It can be presumed that this was a false pregnancy.
  • Johnny is upset at having to leave Crystal behind in Attilan at the end of last issue. Johnny and Crystal's mutual attraction here is not a surprise given that the pair previously dated from Fantastic Four #65104, although they don't remember that at this time.

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