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Continued from last issue...

Firelord was a former Xandarian starship captain before he was transformed into a Herald of Galactus. Now he streaks across the cosmos to investigate the planet Alpha Terra One to investigate how the Catalyst Pod implanted there is doing in preparing the planet for Galactus' future consumption. He is then summoned by Galactus to join in him the coming journey to consume the Earth informing him that the Silver Surfer and Terrax have already been sent on their way.

While on Earth in the hidden realm of Attilan, Reed, Sue and Ben are being brought before the Inhuman royal family in shackles, their pleas that they are harmless going unheard. Along the way Reed deduces with Sue that there is some connection between them, the Mole Man, the Inhumans and the Silver Surfer part of a grander scheme. To their surprise when they are brought before Black Bolt and the Inhuman royal family they are surprised to see statues of the Silver Surfer, Galactus and his other Heralds.

Medusa intrudes the three FF members to the Inhumans and they learn that Johnny is okay and being healed by one of their healers. Medusa explains that they have not left their city in over two millennia and that they wish their land to remain secret. When Black Bolt is about to explain how long they will have to stay, an impatient Thing attacks leading to a clash between the Fantastic Four and the Inhumans until the fight is broken up by the Human Torch and Crystal. Johnny explains to them that the Inhumans are actually seeking out the FF's help.

Sitting down with the Inhumans they are told that the Inhumans get their powers from the Terrigen Mist a strange source that comes from the caverns below their city from an unknown source. They explain that Black Bolt's brother Maximus had gone down into the caverns to find the forbidden location of the mists source and since disappeared. Shortly thereafter they would be attacked by strange monsters emanating from the caverns. She explains that a lot of Inhumans who believe in the old ways believe that this is an omen signaling the coming of the world devourer to their planet to destroy it. Since they have been assembling the portions of the Makula Tablet to decipher it's meaning and learn the location of the mists and somehow find out what happened. After Johnny had learned of their plight he had suggested that Reed might be able to puzzle the situation out.

Examining the assembled tablet, Reed figures out that it is a map leading the way to the source of the Terrigen Mists and they decide to follow it. Along their travels through the caverns, the FF and Inhumans just barely manage to avoid a stampede of dinosaurs before they are captured by a legion of Moloids led by none other than Maximus himself, who has dubbed himself the great devourer.

This story is continued next issue...


Continuity Notes

  • Johnny and Crystal's mutual attraction here is not a surprise given that the pair previously dated from Fantastic Four #65104, although they don't remember that at this time.

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