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Quote1.png I did it! I really did it! Me an' Mister Fantastic went at it, one-on-one, toe-to-toe -- -- an' I beat him! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Reed Richards: Alone!"

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Synopsis for "Reed Richards: Alone!"

From the Starlight Citadel in Otherworld, Roma and Saturnyne watch over Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four as he tries to puzzle over a data crystal given to him by Roma during the Fantastic Four's time there. Saturnyne is impatient that Richards has not cracked its secrets yet, but Roma tells her that she must remain patient. On Earth, at the Fantastic Four's Pief Four headquarters, Reed continues to try and learn the secrets hidden in the crystal. Unfortunately despite his best efforts and most powerful computers he has only been able to access a fraction of the data. However as the two women watch from beyond, Reed continues to struggle with discovering the secrets but cannot think of a solution, and this makes him grow frustrated to the point of an angry outburst. Deciding he needs to blow off some steam, Reed activates a virtual reality simulation where New York City has been decimated by Blastaar, Annihilus and Terrax. Using his battle honed tactics Reed manages to fight off his foes even though he is out numbered, defeating first Terrax and Blastaar together then Annihilus alone. When the simulation comes to an end, Reed revels in the exertion derived from the exercise.

At dawn, Reed Richards checks on his sleeping son and remarks about his new puppy whose antenna denotes that its origins are tied in with the Inhumans, but Reed wonders how the dog managed to find its way to them. Reed wakes his wife Sue and muses that how his life used to be centered around science but since she and his son Franklin became part of his life, they are also part of his joy. Later that morning Alyssa Moy drops Ben off in her flying car after a night out in Paris and breakfast on Yancy Street. After she takes off Ben remarks that he can't recall the last time he had so much fun. He then spots the Human Torch who is also up early as well trying to use his flame powers to melt off replicas of the same shackles worn by Alysande, but no matter how hard he tries he cannot generate enough flame to melt through them without causing harm to Stuart. This frustrates Johnny who flies off when Ben suggests they try and find another way. Johnny takes pause to collect himself on the city rooftops before going to the ruins of the Four Freedoms Plaza where Johnny has been hiding Alysande from those who might hunt her down and make her a slave again. Johnny is shocked when Alysande bows in thanks for finding her shelter. Johnny tells her that she doesn't need to do that because they are friends. After giving her a change of clothes, Johnny sits down and listens to Stuart's tragic tale.

She explains how she is the last of the Highlanders of her realities version of Scotland. They were all slaughtered by the emperor and she was made a slave. Suspecting that it was a cruel jest, Alysande vows to see him choke. Johnny offers to be by her side when the time comes for her to get her revenge. Alysande is honored by the offer. Back at Pier Four, the rest of the Fantastic Four are well aware of Johnny's secret and Reed believes they should make other arrangements because the ruins of their former headquarters are not safe. Running late for a meeting at Empire State University, Reed surprises Sue with a passionate kiss before catching a cab outside. However Reed quickly realizes he's fallen into a trap when he recognizes the driver as Henshaw, a member of Genosha's notorious Press Gang. Henshaw locks the car and begins trying to pump it full of gas. Very familiar with the Genoshan governments tactics and uses his powers to slip out the window. There he is attacked by Jennifer Ransome and Punchout.

Although Reed is able to fight them off, he is momentarily distracted by his old foe the Trapster who has also been hired by the Genoshan government to capture Reed. While he is attacked by his three foes, Reed is quickly defeated when the Trapster uses a chemical that neutralizes the Unstable Molecules in his uniform causing him to contract to his normal dimensions. The Trapster then places a hood over Reed's head to prevent him from stretching his neck. With Mister Fantastic defeated the Press Gang are teleported away by their teammate Pipeline. As he watches them fade away the Trapster gloats over the fact that he has finally defeated one of his most hated foes, making this victory a tribute to his old moniker, Paste-Pot Pete.


Continuity Notes

  • Roma and Saturnyne have been interest in the Fantastic Four since Fantastic Four (Vol. 3) #89 when they originally decreed Franklin a threat to existence. The Fantastic Four convinced them to let them keep Franklin in their care.
  • "Puppy" found his way to the Fantastic Four after the events of last issue. Although the connection to the Inhumans is obvious to date there is no explanation into his origins. Johnny also mentions him rescuing Alysande Stuart from Otherworld. That was depicted last issue as well.
  • Paste-Pot Pete was the Trapster's original nom de guerre when he first appeared in Strange Tales #104. He later renamed himself the Trapster in Fantastic Four #38 in order to sound "more menacing", however he has never lived down his original name.

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