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Franklin Richards

Appearing in "Since the Last Time We Saw Paris -- Itza Been Ruined!"

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Synopsis for "Since the Last Time We Saw Paris -- Itza Been Ruined!"

Appearing in Paris following their adventures across time and space, the Fantastic Four are shocked to find the city is being transformed into an ancient structures made of bone and stone. They quickly realize that this is the work of the Ruined, the other-dimensional beings they fought the last time they were in France. Deciding to investigate what happened the Fantastic Four venture to the DRC dig site where the Ruined's ancient crypt was disturbed. Venturing into the tunnel Reed begins examining the ancient inscriptions using the computers woven into his uniform. He upsets his teammates that he can monitor and exchange data between their uniforms. Suddenly they are interrupted by the arrival of Reno, an agent of the French Secret Service who is looking into resolving the current crisis. Agreeing to work together they find an ancient inscription that depicts some kind of ceremony which involves Yvette Diamond, the woman who the Ruined coerced into helping them last time. Johnny also notices one of the pictures depicts Arlisse, the model he met last time he was in France, transforming into one of the Ruined.

Meanwhile, just outside the Musée de Cluny, gypsy sorceress Margali Szardos is fleeing from the Ruined with Arlisse at her side. Suddenly Stem, B'arr, and Exalt appear before them. As Margali is about to defend herself the Ruined transformed Arlisse into their agent, a creature calling itself Katar. Back in the tunnelt Johnny notices as the sculpture changes showing that Arlisse had been completely taken. Furious he flames off and flies off into the city to look for whoever is responsible. Johnny follows a burst of energy to the museum where Yvette (once again garbed as the Martyr) presides over Margali who has been bound for the ceremony. When Johnny tries to interrupt he is attacked by B'arr and Exalt. Realizing that the Ruined possess the bodies of their victims, Johnny finds himself unable to harm them. Just when Martyr is about to sacrifice Margali, the Thing grabs her hand, blowing her killing blow. The rest of the Fantastic Four then swoop in and try to contain the members of the Ruined. As the Fantastic Four are fighting off a testicle creature, Reno attempts to shoot Yvette in the head to break the spell. However the Fantastic Four convince him to spare her life and they get her to safety while Johnny destroys the Ruined's temple with a nova blast.

With the temple destroyed Paris is restored to normal. Later when the authorities arrive Johnny is shocked to see them taking Arlisse away along with the other members of the Ruined. When he protests this arrest to Reno, he tells him that they are not in the United States and that the Ruined are being detained under French law. Johnny is forced to allow it to happen.

Meanwhile back at the Pier Four headquarters of the Fantastic Four, Alysande Stuart and Alyssa Moy are still looking after young Franklin. Their video watching is interrupted when a teenaged girl suddenly enters the room. Franklin instantly remembers her as Valeria, the girl from his dreams. In all the confusion, Valeria realizes that she is somehow in the past. Before she can figure out why, they are suddenly attacked by the woman named Bounty who has come to collected Stuart for her employers. Valeria decides to lend a hand, transforming her pajamas into her Marvel Girl costume. While the two women duke it out, Alysande decides not to take the situation sitting down and transforms into Caledonia. Just before the battle can go any further the combatants are all felled by a concussion grenade tossed by the cyber-ninjas known as the Bacchae.

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The good news: the FANTASTIC FOUR have returned to Earth! The bad news: the RUINED - the mysterious foes who return from issue Vol 1 1 - are waiting for them!


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