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-- Invisible Woman

Appearing in "Rascals 4"

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  • Concorde (Mentioned)
  • Quinjet (Mentioned)
  • Argo (Mentioned)


Synopsis for "Rascals 4"

Marvel Girl, Caledonia, Alyssa Moy, Bounty, Franklin and his Puppy have been captured by the Bacchae and turned over to their master the Olympian goddess Hippolyta and her ally the death god Hades. Since these misfits clashed with her groups, Hippolita challenging them to a duel. Although Marvel Girl is willing to engage in battle, Caledonia steps in the way. When Caledonia gains the upper hand in a sword duel, she offers Hippolyta a chance to yeild but she declines the offer. when Marvel Girl gets too close to the battle she distracted Caledonia long enough for Hippolyta to stab her. When also given an option to yeild or die, Caledonia refuses to stand down. With the battle raging on, Alyssa takes this as their cue to leave and leads Franklin away from the battle while Marvel Girl carries Bounty. However on their way out they are confronted by the Bacchae. While Caledonia defeats Hippolyta in battle and forces her to yield, Marvel Girl forces the Bacchae to flee the scene. They then watch in horror as Hades opens a portal to Tartarus, taking both Hippolyta and Caledonia with him. When Marvel Girl tries to dive after her, the portal closes barring her from following. Valeria is determined to rescue her and after explaining that Alysande looked after her and Franklin in her native reality. Bounty offers to tag along, telling them they need her muscle where they plan on going and they are forced to agree. When Marvel Girl tries to get Puppy to use his teleportational powers to take her and Bounty after Caledonia, the dog refuses to do so unless Franklin and Alyssa accompany them.

Meanwhile in Paris France, the Fantastic Four are meeting with French Secret Service agent Reno, who informs them that even though the the heroes managed to save France a second time the government has asked that they leave. Johnny is still upset that the French government has arrested all those who were possessed by the Ruined, but his complaints go unheard. Suddenly they get a call from Alyssa Moy who tells them everything that happened and how they are all going after Caledonia. Learning how Hades and Hippolyta kidnapped Caledonia, Reed suggests that they seek out the aid of Hercules. Soon the Fantastic Four are in East Africa where they find Hercules coming to the defense of Genoshan mutates that have sought refuge here and face opposition from the indigenous population. The Fantastic Four lend a hand and later tell Hercules about their problem. Upon hearing the situation involves Hades, Hercules agrees to join them on their quest to rescue their family and friends. While at that moment, Puppy accidentally teleports them to the Asgardian underworld of Hel where Marvel Girl and the others meet Hela. When Hela tries to use a spell to take the souls of Franklin and Valeria, Bounty puts a gun to Hela's head and threatens to shoot if she doesn't let them free. Caught in a stalemate, Hela agrees to let them go and warns them against trespassing in her domain again.

Puppy soon teleports them to Tartarus where they fight through to where Alysande is being held prisoner. However before they can free her, Hades unleashes Cerberus who later joined by Hippolyta who is commanding the forces of Tartaurus. Although they are greatly outnumbered, Marvel Girl, Caledonia, and Bounty are able to hold their own against the seemingly endless army. When the battle spills into the throne room of Hades, he is quite impressed by Marvel Girl's abilities. However they are soon surrounded, but before the fight can go on further, the Fantastic Four arrive with Hercules at their side. Hercules has brought along Hades wife Persephone who scolds Hades for everything that has transpired this day. When Hippolyta refuses to give up her battle against Caledonia, she is dragged off by dark creatures under Hades power. As she is pulled into the darkness she vows revenge against Caledonia. In the aftermath of the battle Johnny notices that Marvel Girl is the young woman they saw in the future where Sue married Doctor Doom and had a daughter. Face-to-face with the woman destined to be her mother all Valeria can say is "hi, mom."


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